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Justin Jefferson: JJets cleared for takeoff for 5 years (New contract! p.10)

vike daddy

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Granted, Jeff Diamond was the one in charge of the cap when they were busting up against it every year (early in the cap era)....and then he proceeded to kill the Titans cap after.   

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According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, Tom Pelissero and Mike Garafolo, Jefferson might be waiting to sign his extension until the Vikings sort out their quarterback situation. NFL Network reported that Jefferson is a fan of quarterback Kirk Cousins and “will want to know the quarterback plan before signing on for the long haul.”



wait? whut? i thought there were those who said early on Jefferson would be leaving the team if they don't replace Cousins....

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14 minutes ago, vikesfan89 said:

Wasn't it always likely to be long after the draft before he signs anyways?

I think there’s some optimism that he’ll sign a deal around March to help gain some cap space for free agency. But it won’t be surprising in the least if a deal isn’t done until late July. 

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Jefferson: “I’m definitely grateful for what Minnesota has done for me. I definitely wouldn’t be in this situation if they didn’t pick me, to be the fifth receiver taken. With everything that has happened and everything I have gave to the organization, of course, I would want to stay.”



such a diva....

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Which some of the hypothetical thoughts recently about what might be holding up the deal, starting to be speculated, interesting how things might transpire. 

What if JJ wants a fully guaranteed “highest non-QB” 3-year deal. What if he wants a no trade clause too  

that would put Vikings in a difficult position. 

did we retain Kirk or Hunter, or neither. 

See if we can trade him now ahead of free agency, or ahead of the draft, and try to get adequate/trade compensation, for a player who a new team knows will be difficult to extended (or with an extension that is not structure friendly). Possibly lower compensation then we thought/hoped  

Or delay talks to July, and hope things change in the summer, but now at the risk of even worse trade compensation since it would be 2025+ draft picks.  Risk a hold out etc. 

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Easy for people to joke, but for 2023 these are all guys that were paid less than $34.4 mil a year.


Nick Bosa
Jared Goff
Aaron Donald
Tyreek Hill
TJ Watt
Myles Garrett
Cooper Kupp
AJ Brown
Laremy Tunsil


Highest paid QBs are now in the $40-$55 mil range in the NFL.


If they end up paying Kirk cousins $40+ mil or so as well, could be a long few years with not a lot of success potentially.


Is it worth it?  Who knows but Davante Adams gets $28 mil a year or so, but the team does not have anything close to a HOF QB and a so so OL and so so D and clearly Adams is not winning that organization football games himself.  Hopefully the Vikings do not become that.  

The Packers and Chiefs are sitting pretty well and both traded away super star WRs recently and instead built their roster around a promising young QB and neither one spend a ton of money on WRs especially Green Bay, no way the Raiders or the Dolphins are better off right now than either of those two organizations by getting those highly priced WRs.  Vikings do not have a promising young QB but would be interesting what would be done with a few more draft picks potentially, granted they have to actually hit like the Packers and Chiefs draft picks of late.


Will be interesting how it all goes down, regardless complete rosters win in the NFL not top heavy rosters with only a few positions getting a majority of the money.  And if a team does do it that way they have to knock it out of the park in the draft and clearly the Vikings have not really done that the last few years.  


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Minnesota Vikings receiver Justin Jefferson has willingly answered questions for months about his ongoing contract negotiations. His genial replies have avoided alarming headlines, but a clear theme has emerged: From Jefferson's perspective, there is no precedent to the deal he will eventually sign -- with the Vikings or another team -- because there is no precedent to what he's produced during his first four NFL seasons.

As ESPN noted last March, a typical negotiation with a superstar of Jefferson's caliber would start with a baseline of making him the NFL's highest-paid player at his position. But Jefferson implied in September that he wasn't necessarily viewing the process that way. When asked if he would seek advice from players who have been in similar situations, he said: "I've done something that no one has ever done in the history of the game, so my situation is a little bit different than everyone else's."

If there was a deal to be made that merely topped Hill's, it stands to reason that would have happened already. Instead, Jefferson's responses to questions over the past few months suggest he is seeking something beyond the standard incremental market raise. When talks broke off last summer, the Vikings didn't have much financial incentive to accept it. Jefferson was under contract for two more seasons, after which the Vikings would have the franchise tag as a backstop.



I imagine Brz is going to be worth his stature in the NFL if he can figure out a way to reward JJ's excellence with something genuinely unique to a WR...i.e. an upgrade to the Poison Pill.   

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6 minutes ago, vikesfan89 said:

Is he looking for a short term deal so he can cash in again or is he looking for a longer term deal?

I don't think we know.  I would have to think the team would want a longer-term deal (creates more cost-certainty), especially if there's something unique in it. 

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  • vike daddy changed the title to Justin Jefferson: JJets cleared for takeoff for 5 years (New contract! p.10)

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