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Team Needs?


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A new boundary receiver other than Adams 

A new slot receiver who isn't making 12 million dollars 

A new TE who isn't a rock handed perpetual pot head

A center who isn't going to ask for way too much money to be average without an elite guard pairing beside him

A new DE that isn't named Dean Lowry

Two new edge rushers to replace the BASED long haired Greek God perpetual slipper and the corpse of Ahmad Brooks

A new #1 corner so Randall can thrive being moved around 

Possibly a new free safety if HHCD continues to be worthless 

Possibly a new other (strong) safety if the front office is dumb enough to let Burnett walk and blindly hope Josh Jones turns into a new player

A kick returner who isn't an undersized glorified track star




We cover all that and we're literally New England 

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Just now, Packerraymond said:

How big of a need is CB with how Randall has played? Not bigger than TE and WR IMO.

Still probably have another need at boundary corner.  Randall is your slot/STAR corner.  I guess it depends on what happens with Davon House.

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Just now, Packerraymond said:

That needs to be addressed with a vet IMO. We have no money invested in CB, not a good recipe in 2017.

I'd generally tend to agree.  But at the very least, we probably need to think long-term and draft a future boundary corner.  Maybe not in Round 1 or Round 2, but at some point late Day 2 or early Day 3 we probably need to look at corners.  If I had to have an ideal draft, we're looking at:

Round 1 - EDGE
Round 2 - WR
Round 3 - CB/TE
Round 4 - IOL/DL
Round 5 - DB/EDGE

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Just now, Mazrimiv said:

Have to give TT some credit for hitting on the mid/late RB's in this past draft.  Nice to have that need seemingly checked off (barring injuries) for a few years, but lets please end the Monty RB experiment.

He's still our 3rd down back in the sense of being a threat as a passer.  Still more of a utility guy, and he's not a WR either.

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