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Casey, Lewan, Kern pro bowlers, 7 others alternates


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Defensive tackle Jurrell Caseyicon-article-link.gif, left tackle Taylor Lewanicon-article-link.gif and punter Brett Kernicon-article-link.gif have been selected as Pro Bowlers.

The Titans have also been informed seven other players are alternates: special teamer Brynden Trawickicon-article-link.gif, tight end Delanie Walkericon-article-link.gif, safety Kevin Byardicon-article-link.gif, kick returner Adoree’ Jackson, right tackle Jack Conklinicon-article-link.gif, quarterback Marcus Mariotaicon-article-link.gif and linebacker Brian Orakpoicon-article-link.gif.

Casey, Kern and Lewan are deserving. Byard as well. Conklin has bounced back from a slow start and is playing really well, not sure about pro bowl though.


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39 minutes ago, TitanSlim said:

Classic case of a proven vet getting in over the new budding star.

that's usually the case in the fan voting portion.. Not the other 2/3s. 

But to be honest, Byards play has really fallen off since that two game stretch. He's missing assignments (1st Niners TD for example), and just hasn't done much most of the season.

I'll get crucified... And as critical as I was of the Cup signing, he's probably been our best safety overall. Yikes!!

Woodyard was definitely robbed however. He's been our best player on defense, better than even Casey this year. He's consistently been a beast for us...

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43 minutes ago, TitanSlim said:

As great as Byard's been the majority of the season, he was pretty bad on Sunday. Missed coverages and bad pursuit angles. Worst game of the season for him imo.

That said, he definitely deserves to be a pro bowler this year.

The entire middle of the field was just a total disaster. Never seen so many communication issues between the linebackers and safeties. Couldn't have made life easier for Jimmy G.

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