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The Random Thread (TAJT!)


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Patriots played qb turning wr option first to prove what? They ain't cheating. lol.

Butler being benched for SB?  Practiced lazily?  Whatever!  Sign him so we can use his hidden boiling blood for revenge against Patriots in 2019's AFCC. Why not?

Did we solve the treasure map for Ertz and Gronkowski's secret cloning factory? It is not in Kamino planet for sure.


Howie now safely said up yours to Chip.


Poor Andy Reid.


How about that?  Redskins traded a bunch of picks away for top qb but double dipped at qb with taking Cousins who turned a qb star for them. Eagles traded a bunch of picks away for top qb but a journeyman won SB.


Now, we are the last green to join the SB feast. ugh!



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19 minutes ago, Bianconero said:

Omg no but I've heard amazing things and have been trying to find time to watch it

Try and watch it if you can. The best tv show Iv ever seen hands down. When we went to Naples last June we drove through Scampia where it’s filmed. It’s exactly like the programme and very real to life! 

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How about that.  South Korea female relay team for 3000m short track.  They screwed up by a miscommunication and fell. They had been last for 13 laps in a row before starting to catch on the lead. After 3 more laps, they held the lead all the way (final 8 laps) to break the Olympic record. Damn.

In the following heat, China broke the record as Italy and Dutch were ahead of SK (total time).  I can't wait to see who win the head to head contest (SK vs China)


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