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7 hours ago, Troy Brown said:

I just can't root for Kyrie. If he comes back, sure, I'll try to come to terms with it but I have no interest in him as a Celtic. I just don't think he's conducive to winning

I disagree about Morris... I do agree in that he can be kind of a blackhole offensively but I do think this team needed that this year at times. I think he was one of the only players on the team that felt comfortable and knew his role...  He's a ++ defender and a ++ leader. He's a dude that bought in entirely. Guess I'm a stan, tho

Yeah, I think we just disagree on this one.

Morris could defend well with his mind put to it, and is a great iso defender on the big scoring forwards, but he's inattentive and bad away from the ball. And offensively he was just another jump shooter on a team full of them. No activity as a cutter or moving off the ball, just hanging out at the 3pt line waiting.

As for leadership, his leadership was largely like Kyrie's. Talk about how they need to be better but never do the dirty work on the court that would actually make them better. Everyone on that team expected someone else to do the dirty work, and it started from the top with Kyrie and Morris.

Like I said, I think he's a good player. But he's more ego, jump shooting, and laziness away from the ball, on a team whose three problems are too much ego, too much jump shooting, and too much laziness away from the ball.

IMO, the only scenario in which you would keep Morris is if you made a big AD trade. Because you have his bird rights and can pay tax to re-sign him, then maybe get his brother with the MLE. But I think both Kyrie and Morris need to go.

EDIT: as a side note, its been something like half a decade since I was posting on this forum. I hope you've been well!

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Rank your top five favorite Boston sports athletes you've seen play in person.

Mine list is Tom Brady, Kevin Garnett, Rob Gronkowski, Jaylen Brown, and Patrice Bergeron in order from first to fifth. Yes, I have seen David Ortiz play before. (Ortiz is one of my favorite baseball players ever however I've enjoy watching many other athletes more.)

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Doesn't have anything to do with the Bruins in the Finals or anything they've done in the playoffs, but man this image feels so good:


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Bruins will win the SC. Sharks and Blues are going 7 games and neither look up to much. I think it will be the Blues.

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