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Preseason Week 4: Redskins @ Ravens


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It’s the most meaningless game of the year!

They’ll be bums all a playing and bad plays a making I hear! 

It’s the most meaningless game of the year!

The media couches this match up as a “rivalry” - which it isn’t - and as a battle of the beltway - which it isn’t - because there are two different beltways for each city, 495 & 695.

It goes without saying that this preseason game is incredibly important the back end of the roster completion. Alex Smith and the starters won’t play. I don’t think Colt McCoy will play either or some of the most important #2 players. Expect Hogan to play almost every snap, if not every snap.

If Kelley plays a lot in the second half, it’s probably a good sign he’s not going to make the team. So, it will be interesting to see how much playing time both Kelley and Perine get in this game, it’s definitely something to watch for as well as other positions.

What do we need to see tonight?

1. No more injuries!

2. One of the back up running backs take the bull by the horns. Kelley has been ineffective the entire preseason - exactly like last year - Perine and Marshall looked good early in preseason but got hurt in week 2. Bibbs has looked good every time he’s been in. 

I’m of the opinion that Kelley shouldn’t make the team over the more talented Perine and Bibbs who’s more versatile and both have more potential. I’m not sure what they’ll do with Marshall but my advice would be to put him on IR unless they think he’ll be ready at some point next month and they like him a lot more than Bibbs, which is hard to believe for me because Bibbs is a good receiver out of the backfield and a pretty versatile running back both inside and outside the tackles. 

3. We need to see the second string defense perform better than it did last week. The D could be pretty good this year and I want to see these depth players play and prove themselves like Phil Taylor, Settle, Lanier and the other young guys.

4. I  expect us to see the back ups play the entire game. Of the 2nd and 3rd stringers, I’m excited to see the battle between the interior OL & DL, the back up ILB battles and the battle for the last 3 WR jobs. I hope guys like Cam Sims, Mo Harris, Quinn, the back up OL and the young defenders - particularly the young DBs & young Lbs - impress or show something but again. I really want to see Troy Apke bounce back and have a better game and I want to see JHC and SDH make some plays as reserve ILBs. I’m going to be paying particular close attention to the reserve interior OL play this game and if Anderson and Robertson can provide any pressure on the QB. I’m not sure if McPhee will play because with his knee injury history he has to be on a snap count and it doesn’t make much sense for him to play in a totally meaningless game.


Redskins WIN! 24-20

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13 minutes ago, MikeT14 said:

I'd still give AP a handful of carries. Let him keep forcing Gruden's hand to start him. 

While I understand the sentiment, I don’t think there’s any reason to risk him out there running behind the back up OL. If he didn’t prove that he belongs on this team last week and in the two weeks of practice - which he has proven he belongs - then, he isn’t going to prove it off of a handful of carries against back ups.

From Gruden’s press conference after the game and interviews since, he’s seemed to stop gushing about Rob Kelley and is now gushing about Peterson. It’s hard to envision Peterson not being our starting RB in AZ with Thompson getting 5 to 10 touches.

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2 hours ago, MKnight82 said:

I'm probably going to pass on watching this.  Too busy at work and a bunch of scrubs out there anyways.  

I love the DVR--watch the whole thing later in 45 minutes .

I hope Peterson gets cut before he gets hurt . 

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