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Everson Griffen Incident


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11 minutes ago, vikingsrule said:

That's unfortunate for Griffen. At this point, it's hard to see him returning anytime soon if he's really struggling with something mentally.  

Do the Vikes try and bring back Robison? 

Football should be the least of his worries. I'd be fine with him never coming back if it means him getting help for whatever is going on.

I know he's a big part of this team and we all want to win but in the end, It's a game. Life is more important.

As for Robison.....depends I guess. This sounds like it's being going on for a while so who knows if that was a factor into Robison being cut. Man I dunno.

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Yeah Griffen is a huge part to the pass rush of this football team.  Sure Hunter has developed and is a man out there but they do not really have a backup pass rusher outside of those two.  Weatherly is ok and Bower but is no Everson Griffen in terms of quickness off the edge.  Griffen is a team leader no doubt and if he is out for long because of this that will be just another problem they are currently having to deal with.


Griffen has always been a little different in terms of how he acts with people and his persona in general.  Hopefully it is nothing serious but does sound like something quite serious.  

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