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Offseason/Coaching Rumors, 2019 Edition

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37 minutes ago, Thomas5737 said:

Eh, Kliff could always ask Hue what he would do and then do the opposite. That could be valuable.

44-11-1 would be a great record.

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20 minutes ago, sdrawkcab321 said:

Hue was a very good OC. Don’t see an issue with him interviewing to be one again. 

I never bought into that. Hue was with Dalton during his career year otherwise meh in Cincy. Hue coached Flacco his first two years to an 84 rating and 35 TD and 24 INT, that is who Flacco was his entire career I don't know if Hue deserves a lot of that credit. He had a bad offensive roster in Washington and didn't get anything out of them, he had bad QBs in Atlants and didn't get anything out of the offense, 4 and 5 wins in those stints. Did well with the Raiders his year there, rushed for 2500 yards but his QBs didn't do much, primarily Campbell, they finished 8-8. Campbell didn't do much with Hue as the head coach the following year and Palmer had his worst (half) season once they got him. The next QB with a 90 rating in Hue's offense will be the 2nd in Hue's career, the only time it happened was in Dalton's big year. Okay, Cody Kessler did it as a part time starter in 2016 as the 3rd string QB but the team was still in the 70's for a rating.

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