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Free Agency

Johnny Nix

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If we spend on outside FAs, get a starting RT or LT (and move Glenn to RT).  I'd be stoked to land Trent Brown.  If not, James would be a great add and a bit cheaper.


We probably keep two TEs, try to keep Dennard, or replace him with a guy like Callahan, decide on guys like Preston Brown, then extend Boyd and AJ Green.

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Honestly, if we resign Dennard for $5-6 million annually, Uzomah on a decent deal, and Eifert back on another 1-year (incentive laden) contract, while bringing in maybe one LB free agent like a Brandon Marshall, I'll consider that a win. If not an outside organization LB, I guess I'm okay with or indifferent to resigning Preston Brown.

Hart should only be brought back if he receives a very cold market. He has value as a quality back up but not someone we should even remotely consider starting in 2019.

Daryl Williams is a low-cost, high upside signing I've mentioned before. Coming off injury he's likely to take a 1-year prove it deal. He can start at RT in 2019 no matter who we draft. For example, if a guy like Jonah Williams is on the board at 11 he can play right guard in 2019 and replace Williams as the RT in 2020 if he struggles to regain his pre-injury form. Or, if Williams looks good at tackle we can resign him to a multi-year deal and Jonah can remain at right guard and still be a pro bowl caliber player. The same could be said about Cody Ford if we view him as a capable tackle, though I'd rather trade back because I don't think he's worth the 11th pick. And if we don't draft any premium offensive lineman in 2019 we have Westerman to fall back on to start at right guard.

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In house

RFA's: bring them all back, at least for camp competition (Trey Hopkins, Brandon Wilson, Tony McRae, Alex Redmond, etc) 

UFA's: Resign CJ Uzomah, maybe Kroft or Eifert if the price is right, but not both

No to the FA LB's, let them all go

Try to bring back Dennard, though i suspect he may get a larger deal elsewhere

Bring back Hart as a backup



Try to find a LB (maybe Mosley or Wright) to start

Try to find a RT to start

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I'd like to see Dennard, Uzomah, and Eifert back. I think we can re-sign Darqueze, CJ won't be too expensive and Tyler is only going to get incentive heavy offers anywhere.


We need to sign 1 starting caliber player at OT and LB. I'd start with Trent Brown (with Glenn moving to RT) or Ja'wuan James. Then try Kwon Alexander if Duffner has any pull with him or KJ Wright or Jordan Hicks.  We should be able to accomplish this and still be 20 mil under the cap going into the draft. 

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