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Browns will have the best offense in 2019!


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Steve Wilks defense is similar to the Colts. Keep everything in front of you and no big plays. With our DL, there will be no need to bring extra pressure with that front 4 when teams are needing to play catch up all game. Here we go Brownies....Here We Go!!!

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10 minutes ago, buno67 said:

Best 1-2 punch at WR and best 1-2 punch at RB.

Best group of skill players in the NFL!

Fight me!

But do they have any depth at WR, in case I might doubt your claim?

-asking as a casual fan of another team

5 minutes ago, RaidersAreOne said:

Hunt is more of a 1-2 kick guy, no?

Tell me more. *tags Webby and Browns forum mods only*

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