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Braves, Ozzie Albies (At Gunpoint) Agree to 7 year (+2 CO), $35MM Extension


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27 minutes ago, deltarich87 said:

Horrific deal for Albies. Acuna's was bad too but this is just pathetic. Looks like his agent didn't have the players best interests in mind and just wanted to get his cut

Granted Kiley has been exiled from pro baseball for his Braves shenanigans, so he's not an unbiased source, but that seems to be the only other explanation beyond a hostage situation.

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Just now, redsoxsuck05 said:

This is borderline malpractice. Hockey players get paid more than Albies will.

Nothing borderline about it. These agents should have their certs immediately revoked. This is a joke, every single person I've talked too has only responded with "worst contract since Longoria, maybe ever".

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I already know the apologists will say “no one put a gun to his head to sign th extension...HEIL OWNERS!!”

But agents have a fiduciary responsibility to act in the best interests of 22 year olds who know very little about finance. This agent is hurting his client and indirectly hurting tons of other clients.

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Crazy deals for Atlanta. Finding two great players and both give club the Anthony Rizzo treatment.

I don't agree with it and think it's insane to leave the money they did one the table, but as a fan, I could care less what they make. If they're happy that's good enough. 

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