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1st Round, Lots of trades, explanations

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  1. bRRZUa9T8Ngu810xR7fCwzQ_EiyyXXBAhzaXFhgUybTCNy9TW3N5AqoRbou18suXS58LFiIShbusALnjJ4kKTQYN-VopE9y25MKTy0LjBw2LPtE7g-0iEh0JcHzkojoWE3A-oEMYArizona Cardinals: Kyler Murray, QB Oklahoma

One day he’s a lock to go #1, the next day they’re “not even considering him”. While we won’t know what’s real and what’s just a smokescreen until the name is called, I still think it’ll be Murray. He fits Kingsbury’s scheme perfectly, and his ability to avoid big hits bodes well - his offensive line has holes all over.


2. AXE5923IaD9Rw91RfbpY0mizA_ChnVv2oQ4K5RgKCG9lVfVj8Xu8bxEkfh76LES7MdjZ5QifHoLtQaZ2RETe03GJhjtM8Ckw4gt3yjgaTyonO3451OT8QLju1qHPYjwoz4EGWIAXSan Francisco 49ers: Nick Bosa, DE Ohio State

Trading for Dee Ford was a great start. Now, the question comes down to who they prefer between Bosa and Quinnen Williams. The interior of the line still looks better overall, and if San Francisco wants to get out of the Ford deal after the season, they have more flexibility to do so with Bosa on board.


3. KN45opiwTzxYWYGCif9NEwCuO3zO76O9t3Y4EkV3PQj2TR2EqAIYvCcOgqLe5ImGfzOybC3ozqZzr9GsBxbEoxwbs885rdhCjdbTKet_NTuX8PJ22g7HxmZZlrtMkcMUAAY-mvywNew York Jets: Josh Allen, DE Kentucky

It’s no secret New York wants to trade down, and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they did. But are the offers there? If they stay put, I think the pick will be Josh Allen, despite the recent Ed Oliver rumors. Missing out on Anthony Barr in free agency makes addressing the pass rush a must if they don’t get an offer they like.


4. mJ8Ay1nAzgH2bnFHrxw9Rkl6U0Gx8x7vHh1KK_VdMIKPqjUNZqbt57tueUVfbaxa5jylZPrHtJln951gVBXPUhAqnJPbra0JzgG0DVxPupn73P-cnK6AFXWKS1OBbcfQV222UkwHOakland Raiders: Quinnen Williams, DT Alabama

Hurst and Hall are two solid options at DT, but a team with so many holes like Oakland does can’t afford to pass on a talent like Williams, who may end up being the best player to come out of this class. Mike Mayock is a big BPA guy, and Gruden will be creative with him.


5. ll4ZiwFBbx2bYcVB1rTQVQIUBnKSVx9kow4I79rIGu4PeoKkWyBbj1nCaKtjwT5E3CoqCvBDBInEgKkPRKZ6fSyT66oh5BfXfU6qv9a-BmD1vJ9Obs3Ga1HriZwlnA4U3onooZPm*Buffalo Bills: Ed Oliver, DT Houston

Buffalo trades #9, #74, and #112 to Tampa Bay for #5, 2020 6th Round Pick

Flashback to the 2018 draft, where the Buccaneers had a player they were very high on, (Derwin James) available at their pick, but trade down with the Bills instead. Could we see that happen two years in a row? Bills GM Brandon Beane is aggressive when it comes to getting players he wants, and if the perfect replacement for Kyle Williams is there, he could use a few of his 10 draft picks to make a move.


6. rDgmn5UnZBSdkMJOg0ml54fEHp6XBEOIRxs9LSD7X7ohsCTf9NvvVgMTLmzcFFkvmlIyokrijZmYBv5hF7_quB3X5mzrrpARgT-EWhZUC4RC-fbfpi4TIrEKMwPEMaOYkkNEEJxxNew York Giants: Devin White, LB LSU

Who knows what Gettleman plans on doing with this pick. If Daniel Jones is truly their QB1, they should be able to get him at 17. Do they like Haskins? There’s also rumors he (really) wants to go with a pass rusher here. In the end, I believe he picks the best player available, which happens to be White. Gettleman gets his Jon Beason.


7. HWqGvo3FSQNbwn8aTnUi1rJRidRWZQxYjtmCU7N3rxZCAxM-qUKise3K-TkT1hI_RAON-f0XqVmNIX5YtzoXyphCpu1XrshAakGX74lXiWPEway4-0mR0sh7BLuSBV-3Ajizb7H_Jacksonville Jaguars: Jawaan Taylor, OT Florida

Taylor or Jonah Williams here? It’s anyone’s guess, but the Jaguars had Taylor in for a private workout and met with him at the combine. Jacksonville has also shown a tendency to keep players in state - Dante Fowler from Florida, Blake Bortles from UCF, Taven Bryan from Florida, etc. Wouldn’t count out Hockenson here either.


8. RqWo1XqrdSKflYaoSM40ixB5CYBOHvMlX_JmAXVr9eIkpJi859_qw3qNPnQP4Kwd1em3a0IQom947IWWlOwHPeOOiRK0b2rR282H6nKBz3dLZ5rKy2OSNMgJlsAWOvWaezW1EFPG*Cincinnati Bengals: Dwayne Haskins, QB Ohio State

Cincinnati trades #11, #72 to Lions for #8, 2020 5th Round Pick

The Andy Dalton experiment should be over soon than later, and new head coach Zac Taylor should wants “his” QB. Detroit has been vocal about their willingness to trade down, and as a team with few needs and 11 draft picks, Cincy should at least give them a call.


9. DhK1sIAwS5SX0mae1jyApnoLE1r_KptNU_CQX5X_Xw0TJQG1CZrTG1IC0G6lLkWSYUhSy4GyixQ8bK-3OmbPDnpbSgNst8achrhI1Q8y8IOcgooWOPedDoBGbMVmfwnavZXdo2V_Tampa Bay Buccaneers (via BUF): Jonah Williams, OT Alabama

It’s no secret that Jameis Winston needs more protection. Whether they plug him in at guard or tackle, it seems like a pick Bruce Arians will vouch for. Adding picks AND being able to add one of the top lineman in this draft is a big win for them. The Kwon Alexander departure leads many to believe they’ll go for a LB, but they signed Deone Bucannon to fill that role.


10. zkO_nF_wIizKtMDb3I00yz3JJCgpwhCQ-hFG1pw0FUUT2_SBOYHW9h8pw6WjBhEy-zgOkHQgXa8NLz3tRpXIS1tjcS4wHf4sw4mrBcMSC-sAb7YGOp1uKZUwGpdiY8093z3Osj-TDenver Broncos: TJ Hockenson, TE Iowa

If John Elway truly believes Joe Flacco is the answer at QB, he better get him some weapons. Flacco made good use of TE’s Todd Heap and Dennis Pitta during his time in Baltimore, so giving him all the tools to be successful should be the focus of this draft.


11. AQrCsZLjMxkBfc5tuyfF3ch3HR9V-Q_mr6dwklyqv66rIZzfeYZ1VDrmRoKE1TtfikTKHCojSrBz2edopjEX2znJw1VnmcYEQ6rjDbWiVLp7SfLny9jUlxwxPfkpYjFaBhhS_wmbDetroit Lions (via CIN): Devin Bush, LB Michigan

This pick likely comes down to Bush, Burns, and Sweat. Sweat’s heart condition might push him down the board a bit, and the idea of pairing Bush with 2017 1st round pick Jarrad Davis seems like a match made in heaven for a defense that’s made major additions just about everywhere else this offseason.


12. 9DNeCJHyzsAoLnXNqfQwuU7iruDZNw-gpbcH7Ycgiu-DeRe1amHFqLm2Dan4drE2pTRLrBgDQ596XDQxc-J8T9BwmOha4rqg2bmAWRhcdShuFYTARpN8SzWY2YrdAaXb_PAR9ZefGreen Bay Packers: Brian Burns, DE Florida State

I’m not buying the WR projections for the Packers. They always seem to go with a premier position in round one, and despite the Za'Darius and Preston Smith signings in free agency, you can never have too many pass rushers.


13. YmOzHh4RJ4vS0XRVbrty92gOs_MvzzPwKx-7nMfyxrjz_rMP88_7fqihZ56hqUm0BJU68tA3-cxPmoQgPnjHvKKl8PRzqwqCt-20sCCIXOTZU-oisupWYg8HemESlvW16PnoqTX3*Houston Texans: Andre Dillard, OT Washington State

Houston trades #23, #54, 2020 4th to Miami for #13

Houston traded up for what they wanted in 2017, Deshaun Watson. This year, it would be wise to trade up for some protection for him after being sacked more than any other QB last season. Once Taylor and Williams are off the board, Houston should give a call to every team until they find a partner, which could be the rebuilding Dolphins (who only have 7 picks, two of which are 7th rounders).


14. vvBBctcXAatpbl5vuGv32sHlzAXXWy_9NwYvdunxox0BSdYXSRanln-o4fylnpZiBRFSiphv-pY17sb2a_TYTYdMaS4o9XJhS8dRLv2ZpiNFSzezHd-BFae2iQuI8K4KtKzAu_H5Atlanta Falcons: Montez Sweat, DE Mississippi State

Sweat has suddenly become the wildcard of this draft. He was medically cleared to participate in the combine and his pro day, but his heart condition is rumored to drop him a bit - potentially out of round 1. All it takes is one team, and that could very well be Atlanta if they don’t believe Wilkins is a fit.


15. PS_Ar74sYU5DHWfd1gxhCcl0XuJTb4JGopJoC5tuK4SDq_muFHrfktQCFol6Nmn2sMapp4JOLgp8YPWQyTxxjsxRsjY9zLOIJWufEozo0oLkq2Juv4uP8XYQnWuD5gJwBjCMhROzWashington Redskins: Drew Lock, QB Missouri

If the rumors are true, the Redskins aren’t in the Josh Rosen sweepstakes anymore. Regardless of the Case Keenum trade, they need a long term franchise QB. They aren’t desperate enough to trade up for one, but if Lock and/or Jones falls into their lap, I could see them pulling the trigger.


16. jvnQL8ko5nyk3ydyciNjrwS9TeNGmiUueT0n6WhpQVhh1uCsyTQBSob1DNLG3gB_5BQZZhtSOpxAWtyJj33wEtJSJm1xh6aUeiST4RH_yn1oLLuz96-JGX6UdNjwK3CtCiN1nNLYCarolina Panthers: Clelin Ferrell, DE Clemson

Protect Cam Newton, or replace Julius Peppers? Couldn’t go wrong either way. My gut tells me if someone like Ferrell is still here in the middle of the first, they can hold off on the offensive line and hope Moton and company can take the next step forward. Carolina is no stranger to selecting defensive lineman in round 1.


17. iHOccaf90LwkAgVIL_x0tZ1lMsitI2VaYeS-e0nn9OagXMcZy81N4Mv5no1DEsDW1HF81FCGBZOFxpWgUlFTlCUmVItcfQxPNRF7DYrGGgFuWQpeYWjFX1-uAeM5sQZDv6SMCgP0New York Giants (via CLE): Rashan Gary, DE Michigan

This pick seems to 100% be Daniel Jones, right? Most of the time, popular mock draft picks don’t happen. Gettleman has been adamant about adding an edge rusher early, and he’s likely considering Gary at #6 anyways. The value is too good to pass up.


18. yFs4cpjHrcX0qXfdcuKyU62ZgcyCi9O-U_0xp-XATkMQhsx-j2fs6s-Bcn3SzamRfjGypqv5RWXIpCpu0dglGhXIVwmUvZx69QqBF8GnrkQUJ-cYwwcstt3tB-F3erihAMPkZ527Minnesota Vikings: Cody Ford, OG Oklahoma

Minnesota made a big gamble signing Cousins to a huge deal last offseason. While he hasn’t played up to expectations just yet, it’s unfair to judge any QB behind that line. I have Ford listed as an OG where I think he’ll start, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see them move him to OT if they decide to move on from Reiff.


19. -EKiZR8BQFn8zeQHyd4m8UiB7jk2JQha1gm2WJu7qXqMJgKb3mqxln7cOz0xQsY3HpbmQYElqOq8N8QZW7BSLS2WzO_WV6LAy2gknBm89GC8VhNRpYDPTk9zUcDkVTqhpMDkXdK_Tennessee Titans: Christian Wilkins, DT Clemson

Head coach Mike Vrabel has a relationship with Wilkins, who he tried recruiting to Ohio State out of high school. If Wilkins is available, it would be hard to pass up. A front seven consisting of Wilkings/Casey/Wake/Landry is dangerous. They’re in a good spot to take advantage of the relatively poor offensive lines in the AFC South.


20. lXp5g_XAuCJOiXtH-fO0A0LTTEIA7MLHg5E63odDwxIOVS_wXDqL1p3Z8iplEHX-JLTgQok3Q2W0eEuLZ61tT4LhFTMQexBr8OyJv2eUO0bbSxaOuzuNjv6Eijy5tl6qHgM-e57RPittsburgh Steelers: Noah Fant, TE Iowa

LB and CB are still positions of need, but the options may not look too appealing to the Steelers. The Antonio Brown trade leaves the Steelers with a hole on offense that might not necessarily have to be filled by another WR. Fant is as good of a receiver as any in this draft.


21. 1w-IeKFdoSQvV58vIhaLpPt5bDV7FQRuWmlWh0Zp1162Gwo33J62qWihVMcn2tbT3v5GDay9ymx6BT8t6w-Gdo-DHKjamgVQ9AnA65Q7Q6Gn0-75aeMLPRB8d3r4jkKA3FdNGzpo*Kansas City Chiefs: Greedy Williams, CB LSU

Kansas City trades #29, #92, #214 to Seattle for #21

There shouldn’t be any doubt that Seattle will trade down, only having four picks right now. Kansas City is equipped with two 2nd round picks, so surrendering their 3rd rounder shouldn’t be too hard. Williams is arguably the top corner in the draft, and to ensure they jump teams like Oakland, Philadelphia, and Indianapolis, they make a move here.


22. Rq6wpLSJ6mgZMwMUhNCDqSb6k3b_xzq6fUW_pkC_GHCy0cfjwLGwzDDb0JoOaQirjr4Nhci5PwCSrJloXBCvP7AluYNO5czQ9R90HjFf-__mtCBmt3F7cAylK_gzBZN0TsdZ3IkLBaltimore Ravens: Josh Jacobs, RB Alabama

WR is a commonly mocked prediction for Baltimore, but it’s obvious that they’re going to be a running team under Lamar Jackson. Josh Jacobs is compared to Alvin Kamara frequently, and they signed Mark Ingram this offseason. Add that to Lamar Jackson’s running ability, and this offense could be dangerous.


23. ke_ehGAcX8P9seYs9MkouCAwEWyb7gysPi6OlpIM6Of9v69Cc8IlTUoJRvuBU8MI6N_Y5404tYtYFnS2buHb_zLzCPekdVfj_WMHnd9wWjn5r2k52oYlT0q2fjuPsQ6EmmcQ3tv9Miami Dolphins (via HOU): Garrett Bradbury, OG NC State

This draft is all about building the trenches for the Dolphins. “Tank for Tua” should be in full effect, and adding to the offensive line a year before is a smart move. Bradbury can slide into either guard spot or potentially be the starting center from day one.


24. SF9ftin0Pq9TvPlKKbyZbTsejTxLfvHhIrMjkpftSQ4gPVk2xN7X7FU8IcgPqEjDysfFMMaLY2V5u0mJdCIzrUFOOxw2svMWweh8oaCPLybU1KIzvVOi5KX8hEB9ikkEqNgpgJvl*New England Patriots: Dexter Lawrence, DT Clemson

New England trades #32, #97, #239 to Oakland for #24, #218

If there’s one thing Bill Belichick loves to do on draft day, it’s make lots of trades. Whether it’s up or down, the Patriots almost always make a move in the first two days of the draft. With Lawrence falling within range and teams like Philadelphia and Indianapolis in front of them, they can afford to surrender one of their 12 draft picks. Oakland is looking to recoup some of the picks they lost in the Antonio Brown trade.


25. RDpAShbRibvhCWl50o9z66bfFBCQbbxhy6Mxc1tMLbxnym8DeOjQ1lVWIq-PlkQcfCwqc43U0tY8wZKUH3gMDI9Lh4DITaSVKS6uj7w_VQ51-s39dAVjL5p5IelcTE2AWlA22shqPhiladelphia Eagles: Marquise Brown, WR Oklahoma

Despite the injury, Marquise Brown seems to be a 1st round lock at this point. The Eagles could deploy one of the fastest offenses in the league with Brown starting alongside Desean Jackson. This may mean that Nelson Agholor is the odd man out.


26. 1EpQmtKUQRFMVF0Sc9rbUeWx1zcmVKtQXRraKaKgEIZTBmlRyID0olSnmgMkhZgETyfnQP_x7idxe6DEhYnPe6udZIOLbxZyVKtdWQ3SsHz0ehBxWqxe7y7s1P1DJ4yL22EXGZvZIndianapolis Colts: Jeffery Simmons, DT Mississippi State

Chris Ballard has made it clear that adding to the defensive line is a priority this offseason. While Simmons may not be able to play this season after suffering a torn ACL in February, but he would’ve been a top 15 pick had he stayed healthy - and Ballard loves value, especially this late in the 1st round.


27. xUaayc_dhW07y_oAitig51NeeX_8xWQ3kFPkpX6mV8HxE7XpM_gFAxTGtNgUdfTOu6zVBhOrJFR81ZeUBzZOt57xxkoVTHaeDaV-Xzi7ymu0j2xegg49Y3GSYUP0TStjYw8jXLHrOakland Raiders (via DAL): Byron Murphy, CB Washington

With no edge rushers worthy of this pick, Oakland looks to add a running mate for Gareon Conley. Murphy may fall further than expected due to the relative lack of need for corners early in the draft, but Mayock and company should be perfectly fine with it.


28. 6SBbIrYOrj8XJE7Kqkiopy0D852PyjVsWhwms5eTas1CLlMd11LlGU9Dx2Ml0jz1NAWLXs_9o8ifEbhJ_vU08zFq70ns_Ria4BPWVgTF8iFl3IYHzmFXe3vCShMZDU9LSbwNtZMELos Angeles Chargers: Jerry Tillery, DT Notre Dame

Los Angeles can go a number of different ways with this pick, but Tillery fills one of their biggest needs. With Bosa and Ingram on the outside and Tillery in the middle, this defense should be able improve against the run tremendously as they chase Kansas City.


29. mu_S396BnIH6CPgzngQMGKSAbKShtcgdFOuGAHXKWAIJfprcSDWwFbfrlXQi53UHFoIv_c9ivRD3GyPNsnjVjnSDhiRnyt8h4oxoIb5FPcxTcdqWgez2sHHGVU6eGxXpcuM7pNaaSeattle Seahawks (via KC): DK Metcalf, WR Ole Miss

I’m sure Seattle would like to trade down to acquire even more picks, but Metcalf unexpectedly falls right into their lap. Baldwin may not be the same after his injury riddled 2018 season, and the super bowl window is right now after giving big money to Russell Wilson.


30. 4ZTkTODNehJV6BfCAntSpWz0_FPzIS3DGTN3833AErtG8lNiGte0xTkvYetgzPTeGMF1lfSsLSBzckLtCEB8ecGMcojyaiTf7aV7ziOL8EyFd_sST-4XkuXc6ZCw96SWt5FpeiHlGreen Bay Packers (via NO): Dalton Risner, OT Kansas State

Risner or Adderley here? Can’t go wrong with either, but the safety depth still available makes them pull the trigger. Risner could battle for a starting spot at guard this offseason, and eventually replace Bulaga at tackle.


31. UsbfzmXkgJ3Fh4Tpz87IDIuokzCn8qPSm7oHVy15gTWeEHtQeEiEnmTD0EO3if3ba1uON9_H1wAQdqNe1fH5JAVaAKweo0L2U_6dIau11x8XG-8SEN-eYFdBrbLnlqbt44KvuNeL*New York Giants: Daniel Jones, QB Duke

New York trades #37, #108 to Rams for #31, 2020 6th Round Pick

Rumors are going around that Jones will be gone much earlier than this, but if they decide to go DE at #17, who’s realistically pulling the trigger here? Gettleman seems to love him and his play reminds many of the Manning’s. Whether he takes over for Eli this year or next, a move for a new QB needs to be made.


32. WQ9dIjCCmB1Rl8BCi-iJTJe1zBryNZ8iPVrewXE_KIPsECKk24q6CYPklKozgFJq45zMqLMzux1QXuz1uf0DF8h0THxlzojuD124-eqhProG4H_NaRDEZ4Ul44sJV8XxLEdWwNCNOakland Raiders (via NE): Chris Lindstrom, OG Boston College

Kelechi Osemele was traded to the Jets, leaving a hole at guard. Gruden loves his offensive lineman, and Mayock knows that protecting Carr is priority #1. No TE’s are worth this pick, and the hope is one of their preferred options at DE will be available early in round two.

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Atlanta Falcons: Montez Sweat, DE Mississippi State

Sweat has suddenly become the wildcard of this draft. He was medically cleared to participate in the combine and his pro day, but his heart condition is rumored to drop him a bit - potentially out of round 1. All it takes is one team, and that could very well be Atlanta if they don’t believe Wilkins is a fit.

Where as im almost 100% sure Wilkins and Lawrence are both perfect fits for our D-line Sweats value is very good here and could be hard to pass up.  He if everything is good is probably a top 5 to 7 player in the draft.  Wilkins and Lawrence are proably around 10 to 25.   So im not mad at taking the 2nd best DE in the draft at 14 even over them.  I personally would prefer wilkins or lawrence there but sweat is still a good pick.   Wouldn't take Burns, Gary, nor Ferrell over any of the 3 mentioned though. 

I'll put it this way about the DT's though we routinely go after Clemson D-line for our D-line because they fit so well Dabo even talks to our team at times about them.  Goodman, Beasley,  and Grady just to name a few over the last couple over years. 

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I like the trade, I’m just not sure I’m down for taking a guard at 9. This draft has plenty of decent IOL that will most likely be available on day 2. With the board the way it is I’m thinking Sweat, Burns, Dillard, or Bush.

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14 hours ago, badgers0821 said:

For the Packers I'd prefer Sweat over Burns.  Risner is a nice get at 30.

Even with the heart condition? Honestly not too sure what his range is at this point

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I’ll probably update this or post a new one tomorrow for my final. Now that the Frank Clark trade happened... do I get points for having those teams trade in the draft?:D

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First Packer mock I've seen in this Packer mock draft subforum that makes a modicum of sense and isn't, "Who cares about the Packers, let's get rid of a prospect here just to move on with the mock." 

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