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1 hour ago, atran35 said:

Please pass ME the CROW. 

firstly @atran35 and @DaBoys no one should be eating Crow after one good or great game. For as great as it was, we know Football will have it's highs and lows. What is positive though is that they are a lot of signs showing what could be a verygood/great year for Dak/Dallas.t Talent plus possibly an actual head of the curve OC may make all the difference in reaching the potential that clearly we have. 

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5 minutes ago, TheGame316 said:


Eli threw for 300 yards today

Dak threw for 400 against what everyone knew was a BAD defense, Eli threw 300 against what is supposed to be a Superbowl defense

Wake me up in Week 5, or when we play against legit teams


A liitle bit of a valid point....but many of those yards came after we were up like 35-10 I thought. But again, agree the D was a bit off today.

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