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Bears "at" Raiders - The London / Mack Revenge Game


Who takes the W back to 'Merica?  

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  1. 1. Who takes the W back to 'Merica?

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Just now, justwinbaby81 said:

Trent Brown vs Mack is gonna be a hell of a matchup.

it better not just be that.
Mack cannot be block 1 V 1. TEs & RB chips, as well as getting the ball out quickly need to be implemented almost every play.
If they line Mack up over Miller just audible to a run play lol

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Bears played with a whole lot of back ups on defense yesterday and those back ups all balled out. 

London games are always weird and unpredictable. With Chase Daniels in at QB now. Makes this game even more unpredictable. 

Bears are not leaving till Thursday for London while the Raiders landed early this morning. We’ll see how that effects the players.


dont see enough creativity in Grudens offense to do anything against this bears offense. I think the Raiders will be lucky to score 10 points. 

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Have people forgot how good Mack is? He would obliterate Brown 1 on 1. He can beat you in wayyyy more ways than Von Miller.

Leaning towards a Bears win. That defense is too good and Chase Daniel isn’t much of a downgrade from Mitch. 

Something like 24-10 Bears. I just don’t really see us scoring. Look at the Redskin game. 

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Trubisky is a poor QB, I’m not sure it’s actually a good thing if he misses out.

The Bears D is legit as it gets. If we’re going to win, we’ll have to hope our defense can somehow hold them to 10 points or so... which I don’t really see happening, tbh.

The Bears only flying out Thursday when we’ve been there for a week might be important, though. Glad we’ve made that decision and not gone home first.

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I’ll say 20-10 Bears as my official prediction, I just don’t see Gruden and Carr putting up more than ten on that D. Gruden lacks creativity against a D of that magnitude and Carr just doesn’t take chances. 

I originally said 41-13 pre Mitch injury and before I found out Bears are traveling late (big no no, they’ll learn). 

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our best chance in this game is to get Waller and Jacobs going in the passing game. I dont see us putting too many drives together vs this D, but if we can get a couple chunk plays from these guys to set up scores thatll help a ton. Chicagos O is not very good, so if our defense can step up we can keep it close. Losing Burfict for this game sucks. 


Hopefully Carr dont **** his pants, and doesnt make mistakes. If he can take care of the ball and take what the defense gives him we should be able to win the field position game and set up shorter fields. Carlson needs to come through. 

I expect a low scoring game. 16-9 Raiders

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