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Bengals benching QB Andy Dalton; starting rookie Ryan Finley


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6 minutes ago, SmittyBacall said:

But what if he looks good enough and wins us 3-4 games, taking us out of the top 5...

Can't say I'm worried about this team winning 3 or more of the 8 remaining games. Fins and Jets are maybes as they are also tanking.  Jets will probably sweep Dolphins. Falcons are really bad as are Redskins. I can't see Bengals drafting lower than 4th overall and could easily be 2nd. If we make sure to lose to Dolphins, we could get top pick. 

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32 minutes ago, TheVillain112 said:

Respect the hell out of Zac Taylor for doing this.  Just wish he could get over his blind spot for a certain OL coach now...

He wasn't afraid to do this with Andy because Andy isn't one of his guys.  There's no ownership or egg on face there.

I'm not all that impressed.  I'll be impressed when he fires Turner (his guy).

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1 hour ago, sparky151 said:

Agreed. I don't have high hopes for Finley but there's no real downside to getting him reps. If he looks great, maybe we don't draft a QB next year. If we do need to take a QB we can see what we have at backup.

The only downside is he has a Rex Grossman/Tim Tebow/Josh McCown type run, taking them out of position to take the real QBOTF in next year's draft.

That being said, the only other team besides Miami that might think about taking a QB is Atlanta.  And i'm not sure they will.  Matty Ryan is getting older, but still has some years left and they have a ton of problems.  And he's not one of them.

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