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BDL 2019 Week 9 - Cuba Smugglers @ Portland Horned Owls


Cuba Smugglers @ Portland Horned Owls  

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BDL 2019 Week 9

Match:  Cuba Smugglers @ Portland Horned Owls

Away Owner: @MD4L

Home Owner: @SwoleXmad

Vote for who you think will win this game.

One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results.

One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own.

For members, who have been following along, and wish to vote.  Please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion.

Note: Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (Q) are game-time decisions.

Good luck to you both

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Cuba Smugglers

QB: DeShaun Watson 
RB: Dalvin Cook
WR: Julio Jones 
WR: Brandin Cooks 
WR: DJ Chark 
TE: Jesse James 
LT: Anthony Castonzo 
LG: Elgton Jenkins
C: Ryan Jensen 
RG: David DeCastro 
RT: Germain Ifedi 

WR: Kenny Stills
RB: Jaylen Samuels 
RB: Jamaal Williams 
TE: Eric Ebron 
OW: Taysom Hill 
WR: Ted Ginn Jr.
TE: Mo Alie Cox
OL: Laken Tomlinson 

Edge: Arik Armstead 
DT: Jarran Reed 
NT: Fletcher Cox 
Edge: Kyle Van Noy 
WLB: KJ Wright 
MLB: Eric Kendricks 
RCB: Kenny Moore 
NCB: Darqueze Dennard 
FS: Rodney McLeod 
SS: Tyrann Mathieu 
LCB: Richard Sherman 

Edge: Jerry Hughes 
DT: Adam Butler 
DL: Denico Autry 
Edge: Carl Nassib
SLB: De’Vondre Campbell 
RCB: Isaiah Oliver
CB: Trae Waynes
S: Will Harris

Portland GameDay Lineup:

QB1: Jacoby Brissett
RB1: Christian McCaffrey
WR1: Davante Adams - (Q)
WR2: Mike Williams
WR3: Marvin Jones 
TE1: Drew Sample
LT: Laremy Tunsil - (Q)
LG: Will Hernandez
C:  Matt Paradis
RG: Andrew Norwell
RT: Alejandro Villanueva

FB: Patrick Ricard
RB2: Devonta Freeman
RB3: Peyton Barber
WR4: Dede Westbrook
WR5: Byron Pringle
TE2: Stephen Anderson
OL6: Ben Jones

OL7: Kelvin Beachum

Portland's 4-2-5 Defense:

DE: Dee Ford 
3T: Linval Joseph
DT: Michael Pierce 
DE: Whitney Mercilus
WLB: Jayon Brown    
MLB: Blake Martinez
CB1: Logan Ryan
CB2: Eli Apple 
SCB: Mackensie Alexander
FS: Marcus Maye
SS: Malcolm Jenkins


SLB: Kenny Young
RLB: Zach Brown 
CB4: Brandon Facyson
CB5: Ryan Smith
S3: Shawn Williams
DE3: Vic Beasley
DT: DaQuan Jones
DL: Hassan Ridgeway
DL: Patrick Ricard

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Cuba Smugglers

Intro: Portland is 2-0 all time against Cuba. Xmad can certainly build a capable team. On the surface they are 3-5, but they are much better than their record indicates. We respect how Xmad operates his team and expect a great gameplan. 

Offense: We think DeShaun Watson has enticing propositions if we protect him. As cover 3 has been the main coverage we have faced it is our initial expectation of how we gameplan. Julio Jones moving around and to the slot is the appropriate response to expand and recognize coverages for the quarterback. This should create isolation matchups or opportunity for YAC from our receivers in short routes from quick passes like slants, drags, etc. Dalvin Cook will get touches on counters and tosses with DeCastro leading the way. Our left side has been improved with the steady play of Elgton Jenkins. We have a strong center and left tackle so the ground game can bail Watson against pass based defensive formations. The inside zone is our main audible as that run gives Dalvin Cook an opportunity to go downhill, which is an asset as we base our run approach to the outside.

We have added some new toys for DeShaun Watson to utilize in the passing game. Eric Ebron will immediately feature into our redzone package. He’s another weapon for defenses to account for even in small amount of reps (15 plays). His biggest impact will be isolating single coverage for DJ Chark. He’s elevated into a real weapon to account for in the passing game. Julio remains the feature weapon, but Chark can create big plays when Watson buys time. It’s an element of backyard football that is opened up when Watson breaks the initial pass rush. Brandin Cooks is featured on reverses and against blitzes on the aforementioned short area targets we similarly use for Julio. 

The rest of our skill position players have clear defined roles. Ted Ginn stretches the field, Kenny Stills is considered as a viable target so when he’s in the game we are going to use him like DJ Chark. He stretches the field and is a viable target on crossing routes. This route beats man coverage with time in the pocket but can also break zone coverages when the quarterback escapes the pocket and looks beyond the first read. If there is an invaried cover 6 zone like New Orleans ran last week, we think this route is a nice option beyond using Dalvin or targeting Julio Jones. Jaylen Samuels and Jamaal Williams will play together. They are a nice new wrinkle to create mismatches against LBs. The new wrinkle helps to chip in pass protection and hopefully open up coverages where our receivers are in one on one coverage. We can move Julio Jones outside and take advantage of a safety having to cheat on Julio’s side or open Chark/Cooks in isolated coverage. Finally Mo Alie Cox and Jesse James share the TE reps as blockers that chip and present checkdown options when Watson separates from a pass rush. These two guys help the running game and allows us to run 2 TE schemes undercenter. Although Eric Ebron is the opportunistic weapon at TE, James/Alie Cox reflect the TEs true value to the offense. They will help Germain Ifedi in pass protection. 


We think highly of Jacoby Brissett. His ability makes Portland a formidable opponent. Christian McCaffery is an elite offensive weapon in every facet of what a running back is supposed to do. His ability is respected in all situations but we’re preparing our scheme towards a run heavy approach, thus the audibles will be more focused on covering the receivers. We are comfortable replacing the nickel CB with a safety and play zone coverage. Tyrann Mathieu is good enough to cover McCaffery in man coverage so when he lines up at receiver in presnap Mathieu will be the one to split out wide. We expect to play primarily zone coverage with Sherman and Moore playing the deep 3rd like a cover 3. McCloud will usually serve as the deep safety. Mathieu will lineup up as a safety and nickel back based on his role. If he moves to nickel back, it is for Will Harris to occupy as the strong safety in charge of making plays in space and slowing down the running back and TE on check down situations. 

We expect to man up if Portland decides to play from an 11 formation with hopes of aggressively targeting our secondary. Isaiah Oliver is coming off his best performance of the season and has Trae Waynes backing him up in case he struggles. Waynes will play boundary when we run zone coverages in presnaps so we can move Kenny Moore into the slot (Dennard starts at NCB and alternated with Mathieu). He’s part of a 3 man rotation of players we can throw in the slot. Moore is usually in the slot as a blitzer or man coverage against receivers not named McCaffery. We are going to let Sherman play in isolation but effectively as a cover 3 who aims to not be beat deep. The corner opposite him will get help from Rodney McLeod. Davante Adams is a formidable weapon and Marvin Jones is a useful second option. Sherman can occupy either himself but we’ll try to play more 2 man under in the redzone. We think this can stop whomever Sherman covers from being targeted, while the help for Marvin Jones in particular is with more than one person.

Portland Horned Owls

Motivation: It's week 9 of the BDL season and we're here. 

Portland Offensive Game plan: Next man up  and that man is having the best season of his career, Brissett starts at QB and while he's not on Mahome's level he is playing extremely well this year. We'll once again be going with a more run focused attack this week to take advantage of Cuba's weak front seven and capitalize on our offensive strengths in winning at the LOS with our o-line. McCaffrey will have to carry the offense this week with Mahomes out and he will do just that as we're going all out by feeding McCaffrey 30+ touches and making sure he gets at least 8+ targets in the passing game, Brissett will be eased in with a strong running game to support him this week. 

Formations: Shotgun, I-Form, 3 wide, 4 wide, 5 wide, 2 TE, 2 RB etc. We'll use a variety of formations and keep a healthy balance. | Scheme:  Pass 50% to run 50%

The Passing Game: 

Brissett will start at QB for us this week again and he'll have full command of the offense here, With Adams hopefully suiting up he'll be the no.1 WR and if he doesn't Williams takes that spot, he'll command a lot of looks this week since he's our most reliable WR and he has a solid match up with Sherman. Mike Williams will be our no.2 WR and will command a few looks in the redzone as well as be used as a blocker with his massive 6'5 230 frame. McCaffrey will obviously be a focal point of the offense this week as he should command 30+ touches in this game including 8+ in this one, we like our match ups against Cuba's back seven. Jones will be our no.3 WR if Adams suits up, if he doesn't he'll return to the no.2 WR position expect Jones to get a few more targets than everyone because of his matchups. 

Freeman will be used as McCaffrey's relief option to keep him fresh, still expect McCaffrey to play 85% of the snaps and line up out wide on occasion, probably in 4 wide and 3 wide depending on the play. We'll use Patrick Ricard as a FB to help in the running game as well our TEs since they offer nothing in the passing game due to injuries at the position and they'll more or less be used as blockers.

Cuba has a pretty thicc defense all though that's mostly due to injuries and some trades but still it's hardly an elite unit save for Matheiu who is a stud along with Cox who is an excellent pass rusher and will be given extra attention from our blockers, he'll see some double teams and chips at the line. we feel our O-line is up to the task and should be able to win their match ups in the trenches and let us establish the running game as well as keep Brissett protected. He will adjust protection and audible as needed to take advantage of Cuba's defense when he sees a matchup he likes.

The Running Game: 

McCaffrey will of course be the workhorse back in this but expect a 85:15-ish split so he can remain fresh throughout the game, Freeman and company will mix in to run the ball to keep McCaffrey fresh for the 4th Q as well as be used as pass catchers, both will see time on the field at the same time. As for the running attack we'll be running this game we'll be focused on attacking Cuba's interior since their pass rushers are pretty solid with Cox+Reed forming a solid duo.

The Blocking Unit: 

We'll execute the blocking assignments as necessary. In a pinch Ben Jones will plays C/G, Beachum plays OT if Tunsil is out etc. Beachum would play RT and Alejandro would play LT.

Ricard will be our FB in this one and be used in obvious run situations as well as be potentially a goalline back (he's 305-ish and plays d-line IRL)


Control the trenches, Win against Defenders, make plays in key situations, no penalties, long drives via running the ball, execute our assignments, finish in the redzone, score points, capitalize on turnovers, win the TOP battle, control the clock, win on 3rd down etc. 

Portland Defensive Gameplan:

Cover 1 man, Cover 3 zone with the focus of keeping Cuba's running game in check. Dominate the LOS and control the game from there, we expect our d-line to win and get after Jackson who is extremely quick to give up on a play and run.

Formations:  4-3 [Base Defense] / 4-2-5 [Nickel] along with other various formations that depend on down&distance&situation| Scheme: 50% man to 50% Zone coverage, Cover 1, Cover 3, Cover 2 etc. 

Pass Coverage: 

Our defense isn't at full strength but we're up to the task of limiting Cuba in this one.

Desmond Trufant is out this week again and that sucks sure he hasn't been great this year but he's still a good no.1 CB,  Logan Ryan will step up as the no.1 CB and will cover the right side in zone he'll also pick up Julio in man coverage, look to their IRL matchups this year to determine this outcome. Eli apple will cover the left side in zone as well as cover the no.2 WR in man, he'll rotate with Alexander on Cook's coverage. Alexander will man the 3rd CB spot and the slot again this week, Alexander is a functional CB so he should be able to handle his assignment.  Reshad Jones is out again so Marcus Maye starts again, Malcolm Jenkins will be tasked with being the SS who plays whatever role is allotted to him depending on the coverage, Jenkins will also occasionally cover TEs as well as the defensive signal caller in the secondary.

In dime packages Blake Martinez remains on the field, he will also be the defensive signal caller for this game and make adjustments if needed.

Front Seven/Run Defense: 

Obviously Watson isn't a massive running threat so but Martinez will still spy him on occasion, our main goal is obviously shutting down Julio+Cook in this game.

We trust our front seven to be able to control the running lanes and the LOS in this game, with some defenders on IR Linval Joseph adds some reinforcements to help Pierce and our d-line to handle the run game.  Ford starts again this week he'll be used more often as a pass rusher as well as rotate with Beasly. Our front seven should be able to handle Cuba's d-line, as well as free up our LBs to make the plays they need to change the tide of the game. 

Their RBs are pretty talented but at all so we'll put the effort into keeping them in check, Javon Brown draws the start at WLB and has quickly proven himself to be one of the Titan's best young LBs. We'll rotate our DL+LBs+DBs etc as necessary to keep them fresh and change personnel for coverage's/schemes/situations as needed. 

The Pass Rush: 

 Vic Beasly will be used as a blitzing LB on occasion and will rotate in with Mercilus+Ford on occasion as well to keep them fresh. 

TDLR; Play good defense, control the LOS, dominate the running lanes, force turnovers, get after the QB, don't blitz often, contain Cuba and the running game, play smart football, mind the down&distance etc. 


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5 minutes ago, Counselor said:

Sorry Swole. If a team showed up hours late to a game the game would get canceled. 

For people who are gonna vote just on this, my gameplan was written and actually fully typed out last night in a PM to SirA. It just didn't send for whatever god damn reason.

Didn't realize until I checked inactives it never sent. 

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1 minute ago, SwoleXmad said:

For people who are gonna vote just on this, my gameplan was written and actually fully typed out last night in a PM to SirA. It just didn't send for whatever god damn reason.

Didn't realize until I checked inactives it never sent. 

Alright I’ll review everything with this in mind. Outcome might change or it might not. 

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On 11/3/2019 at 10:24 PM, SwoleXmad said:

For people who are gonna vote just on this, my gameplan was written and actually fully typed out last night in a PM to SirA. It just didn't send for whatever god damn reason.

Didn't realize until I checked inactives it never sent. 

So you, a well known manipulator of facts, expect us to take your (clearly fabricated) tale at face value?

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2 hours ago, RuskieTitan said:

So you, a well known manipulator of facts, expect us to take your (clearly fabricated) tale at face value?

I have never lied in BDL.

Except all those times it helped me win. 

But also yes. 

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