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What album(s) are you listening to?

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For the last week 2/10 - 2/16

Against All Logic (AAL) - 2017-2019 ; Electronic

The JaarGawd returns. I wasn't as head over heels for the previous AAL release. I liked it, and I similarly like this albums as well. 


Obongjayar - Which Way Is Forward ; World R&B

Slick, fun R&B album. Easy to listen to.


Yppah - Sunset in The Deep End ; Electronic

Yppah previous album was a huge earworm. Still throw on tracks from it to this day. Really digging this new album. 


Ovrkast - Try Again ; Hip Hop

Fanatastic production. Much like Earl, this album has that early Oughts' jazz-hop sounds ala Nujabes, Madlib, J-Dilla. Retro baby.


Tame Impala - The Slow Rush ; Alternative

You know what you are getting here. Its got vibes, is groovy, its fun.


EDEN - No Future ; Alt Pop

The Production is fantastic. Mega Earworm.

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From 2/21 to 2/28


Grimes - Miss Anthropocene -  Pop

The One and True Queen of the Internet Slobs has graced us with her siren's call once again. Been ride or die on Grimes for years now, so obviously I really enjoy this album. Perfect blend of catchy pop music and elements of dark synth wave. Yeah, bring on our Robot Overlords, im cool with it. 


Moses Sumney - Grae Pt 1 - Alternative R&B?

Album has been a slow burn for me. I think its luster got sideswiped by Grimes release. I haven't given the album its full due, but the few run throughs I have had, I do enjoy it quite a bit


King Krule - Man Alive! - Alternative

Its.... fine I guess. The internet loves King Krule, and I get it. Easy listen, but nothing is really standing out. I never find myself hitting repeat or getting absorbed in any of the tracks. 


Gil Scott-Heron and Makaya McCraven - We're New Again - Jazz

Not a huge fan of jazz, but this album really draws you in. I immediately recognized GSH voice from the many, MANY tracks that sampled him. His voice and lyrics just grab you, and pull you tight. 


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Image result for danzig 1Image result for danzig 2Image result for danzig 3

Never gave Danzig a chance before, because only the weird kids at school wore his shirts. How ignorant I was! This is heavy metal Jim Morrison and I love it.


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Caribou - Suddenly : Electronic

Fun little electro wank album. Caribou always delivers 


Soccer Mommy - Color theory : Indie

Its …. fine I guess. Not sure why the internet is obsessed with this album. Its sorta just standard solo-indie singer songwriter stuff. Throwing in with Snailmail, Big Thief, Purple Mountains, Alex G, etc. Fine but whats all the hubabub about. 

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US Girls - Heavy Light ; Alternative

Man, US Girls has been killing it. Loved their last release, and this new album is so stacked with GOOD VIBES. Loving the disco-lite shift in sound. +


The Weeknd - After Hours ; R&B

Been riding the Weeknd train since House of Balloons tape WAYYYYYY back in the Oughts. This album is fantastic. I thoroughly love the 80's synth elements sprinkled throughout. Production is top level. And the Weeknd cycle continues.

1. Im a horrible boyfriend, drugs, alcohol partying

2. You left me, I am sad please take me back

3. Im over it, new beginnings PARTY TIME

4. Im so in love with this new girl.



Wajatta - Don't Let Get You Down ; Electronic - House

Dope little House album. Always had a softspot for this sound. 

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This album is just brilliant. Mac had transitioned from a most dope chill rapper (with great songs/beats) that you want to smoke and enjoy life to to a brilliant artist. He was on an easy trajectory to becoming one of the top artists in the entire industry.

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Back and forth between Gigaton the new Pearl Jam album and Mother the new In This Moment album.

The new Pearl Jam seems heavily influenced by The Talking Heads so I rocked out to their greatest hits on the way to work and home today B|

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Empress of - Im Your Empress of : Pop

Man this album is so addicting. Very, VERY similar to Robyn's - Honey in that regard. Honestly, I feel like Empress of found that sweet, sweet spot between FKA Twigs, Charli XCX and Robyn. Pure pop, pure fun. 


Yves Tumor - Heaven to A Tortured Mind ; Alternative

Huge fan of their previous release, this one is just as listenable. Transitioned away from the darker, louder sound, to a more 70s Psychedelics- Tama Impala vibe. 


Purity Ring - WOMB ; Electronic

Pure Purity Ring. Huge fan of their two previous releases, and this album is right there. Think a molasses electro wank. Love it.


Emancipator - Mountain of Memory ; Downtempo

Always been a fan of Emancipator for a downtempo vibes.



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