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SUPER BOWL LIV 49ers/Chiefs GAMEDAY thread

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So looks like KC is at -1 or -1.5 on most books. 

As close to of a pick-em as it can get.

Our defense returning to form gives me confidence in handling business. 2nd half wasn't great but also were playing a lot of soft coverages and had a breakdown. Can't let up vs KC and have to be aggressive in 4th and short situations. 

KC will almost surely stack the box unlike Minny/GB, so our passing game will have to win this game. Actually amazing how neither Minny or GB made adjustments to their defense.

Shanahan/Saleh were on another level out coaching their counterparts the first two games. Won't be as easy against KC. 

Really does suck we are playing KC as I root for them and Reid getting a ring gets him to the HOF. One of the best offensive minds of all time that has often times fallen short in the postseason… hopefully it happens one more time 😀.

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Just now, BayRaider said:

Pound Niners ML into oblivion. Opened at +105 already down to +100. Hurry while you can still get even money. 

Told ya :)

But no, I like the Chiefs to win this one. Honestly, I may end up just propping the hell out of this game.

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8 minutes ago, BayRaider said:

Hmmm can’t tell if reverse jynx or serious. Poker face is strong with you. 

I am typically serious about that stuff, but it's kind of a running joke that I'm also kind of the most anti 49er, 49er fan on this forum, I think lol. At least in a good natured way. I'm the guy who alwaaaaaaaaaaaaays seems to hedge on the side of the bad. 

But I wasn't joking about avoiding the main bet and just propping the hell out of this game. 

I have a lot more fun with prop bets anyway. 

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2 minutes ago, Forge said:

Semi serious question - if we win the super bowl, does Joe retire? 

I hope not, but it wouldn’t be terribly surprising. Everything I’ve heard recently from Joe is that he’s enjoying playing ball again, so there is some hope he sticks around.

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