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Tight Ends


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Rank them and provide justifications :)

(Yes, if all healthy and on form)


1. Rob Gronkowski (NE)

A candidate for the "it's not even close" even though I hate that phrase. The J.J. Watt of offensive players in the NFL. Able to dominate in multiple phases as opposed to just one. In a league that has become ever more specialized – with third-down backs, pass-rush specialists, big-nickel safeties, two-down linebackers etc. – simply being an excellent well-rounded player makes you a tough proposition to match up with. As a receiver, he is a multi-faceted threat. He has enormous catch radius and can make tough catches on any route in all areas of the field, but he is also dangerous after the catch, where his size and strength make him a real problem for defenders to get him to the ground. On top of all that, he is one of the best blockers on the team as well.

best season; 

2014: 82 rec, 1,124 yards, 13.7 avg, 12 TD


2. Travis Kelce (KC)

Kelce is one of the league’s best weapons after the catch. Last season, he gained an average of 7.7 yards per reception after the catch, the most among TEs with at least 30 receptions, and he gained 652 yards after the catch, a total that on its own would have ranked 13th among TEs for total receiving yards. Kelce has broken at least 10 tackles every season of his career, and both his target volume, receptions and receiving yardage has gone up each year. A genuine mismatch and weapon.

best season;

2016: 72 rec, 1,125 yards, 13.2 avg, 4 TD


3. Greg Olsen (CAR)

First at his position in NFL history to record 1,000 receiving yards in three straight seasons. Incredibly reliable catcher, only dropping 2 passes of a total 80+ last season. Tasked with being the main target of Cam's MVP year and performed admirably. 3 consecutive pro bowls. He's also efficient in pass protection, without being a monster. 

best season;

2015: 77 rec, 1,104, 14.3 avg, 7TD


4. Hunter Henry (LAC)

Shaping up to be Gronk-lite, in that he's as good a blocker as he is a downfield receiver. Despite seeing limited passing down snaps (254) as compared to his counterpart Antonio Gates (415), Henry still hauled in 478 receiving yards, eight touchdowns (one more than Gates). Henry is quick enough in and out of his breaks that he is able to line up and win in the slot receiver position, while also being too big for smaller corners to hold him on the outside.

best season;

2016: 36 rec, 478 yards, 13.3 avg, 8TD


5. Jordan Reed (WAS)

Reed had the lowest drop rate of any tight end in 2016, dropping only one pass in his 67 catchable targets (1.49 percent). He has ranked in the top four of all tight ends in yards per route run since 2014, highlighted by a league-leading 2.45 in 2015. Also, in 2015,  has proven that he's most dangerous when moved around to an outside or slot receiver. Nine of his 11 touchdowns came when Reed lined up in a receiver position. While he was dangerous on a lot of routes, he was most impressive on post routes, where he caught all eight passes thrown his way for 185 yards and two touchdowns. Has injury issues.

best season;

2015: 87 rec, 952, 10.0 avg, 11TD


6. Delanie Walker (TEN)

Probably the most underrated TE and approaching elite status. Another one who can block as well as he can receive. Has the highlight real beastmode sequences that Gronk does, and is a very consistent blocker. He’s a big, strong, fast tight end who can line up in a variety of spots and impact both the run and pass games.

best season;

2015: 94 rec, 1,088 yards, 11.6 avg, 6TD


7 Tyler Eifert (CIN)

Used to be considered in that battle for 2nd best, but he’s played in just 22 games over the last three seasons, missing more than half of 48 possible. But, given I'm judging when fit, he's a fantastic receiving mismatch, very long and annoyingly fast. Despite missing so much time, still scores touchdowns at a faster rate than any tight end this side of Rob Gronkowski.

best season;

2015 (the year of the Tight End...) : 52 rec, 615 yard, 11.8 avg, 13 TD


8. Martellus Bennett (GB)

Bennett had one of the safest pair of hands among tight ends in the NFL in 2016, dropping just two of the 57 catchable passes thrown his way. Annoyingly, it hasn't happened thus yet with Rodgers, but you feel this could be similar to the Brady-Gronk connection, as Bennett possesses similar pass catching skills and also can block well. Bennett was one of the most productive receiving tight ends in the NFL last year, with his 1.96 yards per route run average ranking ninth among all tight ends with at least 30 targets.

best season;

2014: 90 rec, 916 yards, 10.2 avg, 6TD


9. Zach Ertz (PHI) - Very similar to Eifert in terms of stats, tools and ability and equally as inconsistent but for different reasons. Great highs, pretty forceful lows game-to-game

10. Kyle Rudolph (MIN) - Rudolph is coming off a breakout year in which he saw 120 targets, second-most among tight ends. He caught 83 passes for 840 yards and seven touchdowns. Rudolph also saw the most targets (25) and the most receptions (15) inside the red zone among tight ends

Hons: Brate, Graham. 



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Sorry but in no way shape or form is Hunter Henry above Walker and Reed. He has shown he is capable of being very good but has yet to find the consistency of other guys on this list and splits reps on his own team. Maybe if this year he takes over the full workload and becomes a go to weapon like the other guys in the top 8 are, but not right now. Right now I have him just outside the top 10 based on potential alone.

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Top 3 are fine.

Did you forget Jason Witten exists?  Or are you just hating on him because of his age?   Because you dont even have him as an honorable mention, and thats kind of embarrassing.


1. Gronk

2. Kelce

3. Olsen

4. Ertz  (very underrated)

5. Walker (overlooked because of age IMO)

6. Witten

7.  Reed (Would be top 3 if he was more dependable)

8. Rudolph

9. Graham (another guy that could be much higher, but he has been too off an on the last few seasons)

10.  Bennett or Henry...Bennett is inconsistent and Henry has never had a full workload....however, Henry will likely be consensus top 10 soon.

Tyler Eifert has the potential to be high on here, but he really hasnt done anything recently to warrant being top 10.

Jack Doyle is sneaky good.   Not top 10 but a guy that gets little attention but is really good.

Ben Watson is underrated....and IMO has an argument for top 10.

David Njoku will be top 10 soon IMO

And my homer mention for the thread.....Jesse James isnt top 10, but he is underrated.  Not flashy, but definitely capable in our offense.  

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13 hours ago, childofpudding said:

Nice work. My one criticism is that I don't think you can put Henry as top 10, nevermind top 5, at least not yet. I'd drop him out, move Reed and Walker up, and add Witten in there somewhere.

You also have a double-posted thread, in case you hadn't noticed yet.

Fair enough, I do have a soft spot for him and I was including upside. He really can do it all.


Yeah I have no idea why there's a double post. Any mods around?

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11 hours ago, renndawg37 said:

Gronk's best season was clearly 2011. 90 receptions, 1327 yards, and a tight end record 17 touchdowns...

It was, from a stat perspective and records etc, but 2014 provided all of his beastmode moments (vs KC, Ind, Chi) and I couldn't resist. 

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1. Gronk - Best TE in the league when healthy.  However, he is healthy less and less.

2. Travis Kelce - He very well may overtake Gronk by the end of the year.

3. Greg Olsen - Despite going to IR, he has been as consistent as any TE in the league.

4. Delanie Walker - He still gets it done despite his age.

5. Jason Witten - He isn't quite as good of a blocker as Walker which is why he is a tiny, tiny bit below.

6. Kyle Rudolph - He's been held back by poor QB play, but showed what he is capable of last year despite Minny having an awful OL and no run game.

7. Zach Ertz - Very underrated and he could end up moving all the way up to #3 by the end of the year.  

8. Martellus Bennett - Excellent blocker and great in the passing game.  I expect(hope) he puts up some huge numbers once our OL gets healthy and he doesn't have to block as much.

9. Hunter Henry - Fantastic blocker and serious threat in the passing game.  All he lacks is opportunities due to splitting time with Gates.

10. Jordan Reed/Jimmy Graham - Big time threats in the passing game, but subpar blockers.  Health issues and lack of recent production keep them from getting much higher.

On the bubble

Jesse James - The guy the media forgets when talking about Pitt's offense, he's a solid blocker and receiver.  Safety blanket for Ben.

Eric Ebron - Good year last year and has become more and more of a factor.  Still only 24

Tyler Eifert - Looked like he was going to be a top 5 guy, but can't stay healthy.

Antonio Gates - He still gets it done, but not quite at a top ten level.

Benjamin Watson - Was great in NO a couple years ago and doesn't look like he has aged too much at all.

Austin Hooper - Went off week 1 before nothing last week.  I'm not a huge believer in him, but I've been wrong before.

Rookies - Howard, Engram, Njoku, Everett, and Shaheen.  Maybe not this year, but I think all 5 of these guys have the potential to be on this list in a year or so.  

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