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2020 3 Strikes and You're Out Survivor Game (Round 2 Underway!)

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**Every week, contestants pick teams they feel will win in their games, margin of victory doesn't matter, only wins and losses.

**Once a team has been used, they cannot be picked again in subsequent weeks.

**This is a progressive game, meaning that each week contestants have to pick more winning teams than the previous week.

**You are allowed two wrong choices (strikes), but after three strikes you are eliminated.

**Picking the same team an additional time and not noticing counts as a strike.

**Failing to pick any teams counts as many strikes as you were required to pick winning teams that week.

**Picks must be made prior to kickoff of the teams' games you are choosing to use.

**A tie is a loss.

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Round 2 (Weeks 6-) Leaderboard:

Alive, 0 Strikes:

@SteelKing728: MIA, BUF, PHI

@DisplacedViking: MIA, BUF, KC

Alive, 1 Strike:

@swede700: MIN, WAS, NO

@byuvike88: MIN, BUF, GB

@VikeManDan: MIA, LAC, ATL

@Robbroy45: CAR, LAC, PHI

@marshpit23: MIN, BUF, KC


@HitStickAllDay: MIN, No pick, No pick

ROUND 1 (Weeks 1-5) WINNER!:


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Post-Week 7 Update

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Patriots  sorry guys been on this for a while love your input


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The leaderboard has been update, thanks to all who have joined in! 2 teams to pick this week, good luck, everyone!


For anyone who still wants to join, you're more than welcome to, you'll just be assigned a random team from the week before to count as strike 1, just so everyone still has the same pool size as everyone else to pick from

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