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The Raider Appreciation Thread 📈


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3 hours ago, RaidersAreOne said:


To be fair, he seems a pretty solid player now. His snapping is not the worry it was when he was first put in and I haven't really noticed him from a negative perspective which is nice. James can be solid and with Parham and Munford both looking like they may have something moving forward that could be a real positive for the Oline. I feel more comfortable with them moving forward right now than I did after that first game of the season.

We may actually have a couple of decent players there given a bit of patience. I've come around to the line of thinking that you look for 3 good players on the Oline and think you can fill in with the other two so long as they're not terrible. It's still early though.....................

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6 minutes ago, true2form said:

He's always been very good against the run.  Everyone expects more from a #4 pick though.

No denying that he needs to be better. Unfortunately not many people felt he was worth that pick though so I feel it's unfair to judge him by that? I dunno..... tough situation.

I just hope for improvement from the guy and if we choose to give him a modest second contract, assuming he continues to progress, then great. I'd rather have a good core group of players rather than people coming in and out. Just hoping for more improvement and a reason to keep a guy around whom was written off by basically everyone and rightfully so

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1 hour ago, BobbyPhil1781 said:

Apparently I need to watch more of Cle?


No actually I had been watching him he has been really good. He always seems to be in the right place at the right time in terms of like run fits and even when he drops in the coverage(which makes no sense because he's not athletic)

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6 hours ago, BobbyPhil1781 said:

When was the last time we've had a DC call creative blitzes? I honestly don't remember. We even had one DC who didn't blitz period...... can't remember who though

John Marshall maybe? That was a few years ago and Jason Tarver if I recall had a few tricks up his sleeve but never became more than just a flash here and there. Our DC history is pretty sad recently, Guenther has to be the worst though 😂

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