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Saints 5-2 @ Bucs 6-2- SNF


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LETS GO...hype about this game

Dean and SMB will be picked on a lot this game they better being their A game.

Mike Thomas and Sanders will most likely be back. If I’m Leftwich im attacking their seconday the whole game. AB Godwin and Evans someone is getting open if they try to play man coverage. I think Bucs win this game in another close. I can see the Saint have success running on us but not to the extent we cant stop it. 

Expecting a shoot out in Ray Jay

38-31 Bucs

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idk what to think about this one

the Saints are good but they've been getting real lucky these last couple games

We are a different team this time around , but then again which team of ours shows up (the one that played the packers or the one that played the giants)

I'm worried Dean and SMB tbh


Leftwich better let Brady do his thing this week

its big brain time

let the boys work

i say we lose though 35-31

im hoping im wrong though 

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If you look at all the QBs and bunch them by TDS, Pass Yds, TD/Int Ratios, Wins, and all the top 2nd gen stays, one thing glaringly jumps out. Whoever puts out those QBR ratings has it out to diminish Brady. Guys with less TDS and more INTs have far better QBRs. Look at Fitzpatrick for example. Also guys with losing  records, guys who lost to Brady, guys with inferior stats are all used by ESPN who still has a beef with Brady because he refused to sign a contract with them (so they signed Peyton and them fudged the numbers for Peyton and against Brady ever since. Talked to a guy from ESPN and he revealed Brady’s decision not to sign with ESPN affected their bottom line and so they just won’t drop it and have in place a plan in place to use their QBR to ensure Brady is hampered in any attempts for MVP or any post season awards. ESPN are using the Democrat play book to damage anyone they don’t like or who disagrees with them. ESPN and anyone who uses these practices should be drummed out of business.




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