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Lions @Vikings

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Just now, SimbaWho said:

Yeah, I mean depending on what really happens with some veterans, Steelers, Cowboys, Saints, Giants, Football Team, Broncos, 49er's, Browns, and Patriots, all might be in play for a guy like Stafford.

I'd take anything for him at this point. He deserves to go to another team and win. We need to rebuild. Draft capital could push us for a new starting QB. 


QB- draft

RB- Swift/Johnson

WR- Golladay(?)/draft/free agency/Cephus

TE- Hockenson

OL- Decker/Jackson/Ragnow/Stenberg/Crosby

DE- Okwaras/Flowers

DT- Shelton/Hand

LB- draft/free agency

CB- Oruwariye/Okudah/draft

S- draft/free agency

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7 minutes ago, diehardlionfan said:

I think TJ and Cephus are the only two receivers that didn’t register drops today. 

Being a Lions fan is more difficult than rushing for two hundred yards against this defence.

Two hundred yards and the defence keyed on Cook. 

I wish I could cheer for another team. 

A Lions fan must have an AFC team to root for.  Hopefully, you're not a Michigan fan as well. Tough times this weekend.

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