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Jaguars 2021 Official Draft Thread - News and Notes

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13 hours ago, JaguarCrazy2832 said:

I cant imagine Devonta Smith falls anywhere near 25 but id be all over it

Rashod Bateman film 🤯 he is great route runner he also plays bully ball on 50/50 balls and his hands are solid.. 6’2 wins on deep routes and gives you wiggle to do work after the catch in intermediate routes.. and he is raw I say that because I don’t think he’s reached his full potential. But his route running at this stage impresses me because you know once he gets old and loses a step speed wise he’ll still be an effective receiver. I was really on Rondale Moore.. and Kadarius Toney for weapons for Law at 25 or 33. Bateman needs to be in the mix as potential pick either selection.

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On 1/6/2021 at 2:36 PM, MightyRx said:

I don't believe we should invest in our O line that early.
Especially since I don't believe thy're bad.
We've just had Qb play that has bad pocket presence.

On the one hand, i agree that i'm not sure going OLine early is the way to go here.  But for completely different reasons.

do think the OLine is pretty bad overall.  I'm just not sure that throwing unknown/unproven rookies in there is the way you want to protect your new franchise QB right out of the gate.  He's going to have his hands full with the transition as it is...i don't think you need him worrying about growing pains with young and inexperienced guys at critical spots along the line.

OLine value is FA is always horrendous, but in this case...i think it might be worth overpaying the premium, to get somewhat more "known commodities" for Lawrence to break in with.


Wouldn't be upset if they were to go OLine early though either.  Never hurts to have a strong young OLine to grow with the new QB.  The absolute worst possibly thing you can do for a blue chip QB prospect, is fail to give them the protection they need while they make the big transition to the NFL.

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On 1/19/2021 at 9:40 AM, Uncle Buck said:

People have been saying TE is a big need, but I was wondering about Tyler Eifert.  What's up with him?  Is he just getting old and losing it?  He was a first round pick for the Bengals and seemed to have a decent career with them.

Eh, Eifert was pretty much a desperation-esque stopgap "flyer" on an older, injury-prone guy...just to see what happens.  Really doesn't, or at least definitely shouldn't factor into any sort of future plans.

Which is i think the biggest component of why getting a quality TE early is such a popular idea.  It's about setting up for the future.  Nothing better than a good young TE for your new Franchise QB to grow and develop with.  And given the nature of TEs typically taking a little while to completely find their legs at the NFL level...it seems kind of imperative to get that project on the go as soon as possible.  Get the wheels turning, on a key position that's generally less immediate "plug 'n play" than some others.


That...and it's hard not to look around the NFL at the top offenses, and see that they've pretty much all got a really top-end TE showing out and playing a prominent core role in the unit.  It's a hugely important piece in today's NFL...and we have nothing in the system even worth speaking about really.

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More freakish wingspans.

Not sure how Urban is on that/if Baalke will step in. Just seemed like from Buckner, to Armstead, to Aldon, to Trent Brown, etc...he values his length.

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Just now, KhanYouDigIt said:

As long as he doesn’t make it to the Chiefs.

Pitts and Toney are the two Florida guys I actually would be a-ok with ending up with.

But agreed, put Toney in KC with all those other guys and RIP x2.

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