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Week 14 GDT - Patriots STAY in Hollywood for TNF

Patriots vs Rams  

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  1. 1. A lot of Rams fans seem to think BB and his tree have Goff's number and will keep the score low; how low can we go?

  2. 2. Do we see ST or defense contributing to our score a second week in a row?

    • No
    • Yes, just ST
    • Yes, defensive score (includes safeties)
    • Yes, scoring from both units
  3. 3. We have seen solid wins come out of a negligible passing attack, do we see Cam let the air out?

    • No, still under 100 yards passing
    • 100-150 yards passing
    • 150-200 yards passing
    • 200-250 yards passing
    • 250-300 yards passing
    • 300+ yards passing

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How are we at defending short/quick passes? 

Goff is even lower than Newton over the past 4 weeks in air yards. He's 34th in the league. This guy throws quickly, and short most of the time. Do we have the pieces to go against that? 

You've seen this before with the PA, sweep fakes and deep crosses etc. 6-1 front murdered them last time, but we don't have the horses now

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3 minutes ago, The Third Rider said:

Talent discrepancy is rearing its ugly head, this already looks like its going to be a long night...

The Ram's run scheme is fantastic. Not sure it's a talent thing for us on D. The offense isn't going to be able to rely on the run unless they get really creative. 

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