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The Florida Gators thread


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17 minutes ago, Scalamania said:

Kevin Steele wouldn’t be terrible but him bringing Toney is a legit fear of mine. That’s a huge jump for someone with little experience. 

I guess I’m at the point where I’m hoping for the best but expecting the worst. Just seems like what happened when we hired McElwain or maybe it’s because we’ve hired one good coach in my 25 years following this program. 

Time will tell. 

That's why you give Toney at least one person who has coordinated at this level. But Toney's defense at ULL was impressive. I watched some of their games. As for McElwain, Napier has a better resume. Could he bomb? Sure. So could Kirby have. And Muschamp could have been elite. You simply take your swing and hope for the best.

On the plus side, at least the ULL fans aren't trashing the guy on the way out. I definitely didn't put enough stock in the things MSU fans were saying about Mullen when we hired him, and they were right. ULL fans have been very positive about Napier, as have numerous high school coaches. At least the guy isn't hated like Mullen. That's progress, I guess.

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Honestly, the thing that has me feeling good about this hire is how respected Billy Napier seems to be throughout the business. Mullen was a brilliant offensive mind, but people didn't like him. And that always translated to recruiting. Ryan Clark was on ESPN talking about how he wanted LSU to hire Billy Napier, not Brian Kelly. Said Napier recruited his son and was a man of his word. And then he went to Twitter and again said he wanted Napier lol.


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If this article is to be believed:


  • Head/PlayCaller/QB: Billy Napier
  • RB: Jabbar Julike
  • WR:
  • OL: Rob Sale
  • OL Ast:
  • Co-DC: Patrick Toney
  • DL: Rory Segrest
  • LB:  Christian Robinson
  • DB:
  • DB Ast:
  • S&C: Mark Hocke

Going to be honest, I expected some bigger names with a 7.5M Coaching Budget. But I also expect we will have a ton of analysts so I am not really concerned. 

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