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2021 - TCMD GM Mock Draft Discussion

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5 minutes ago, MKnight82 said:

Washington traded up because you were about to do something stupid.  

He was in the conversation definitely and have even put out trade options to try and stop me taking him when I have Brady who knowing how many times he has ruined my sundays in the past may play for 25 more years.

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Just now, MKnight82 said:

Actually I had no part in this deal.  It was pre-negotiated with @MikeT14 & @samsel23 .  

MikeT wanted Mac Jones and I agreed that a 5th year option for a QB was worth trading up for.

If you play Jones a lot of games then his 5th option salary will be skyrocketed.

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3 minutes ago, squire12 said:


That is a nice move up for Jones.  5th year option and he might be ready to go in 2021. 

Defense, check

RB, check

Couple solid pass caychers, check


Thanks, @MikeT14 and I have definitely tried to plug the holes on the roster.  We added WR Corey Davis in free agency, and picked up LT Eric Fisher and TE Albert Okwuegbunam via trades to help out the offense.  At 19 we traded down picking up an extra 4th which negate this trade up some (plus we got Denver's 1st next year).  Jones will likely start right away.

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6 minutes ago, JetsandI said:

If he plays so so, true.    I don't think it will matter if he becomes a true NFL qb because he will get new contract after 3rd year.  

It's a fair point. And one that if IRL was true, and we got to, so be it. 

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