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Woods can be a very good player in the right spot, he just didn't fit with what we have. I didn't realize that Urban was so large. I hope that translates to being able to getting penetration and demanding the occasional double team while decreasing the amount the other team pushed aside the middle of our  D. This can make a huge difference to our run D and LB play.   I also am mostly happy with our DT, we also are very deep right now at edge and with Urban we might be able to see three DE's on the field at the same time. 

I do want us to try and add one more safety to make it easier to have Neal at LB spot. I do not trust us getting a S in the first four rounds that is good enough to see a ton of snaps.  

AS far as more FA's just any body that can give us snaps on the D side of the ball would help at this point no matter the position. 

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4 minutes ago, Texas_OutLaw7 said:

DL always scare me as we all thought Griffen was a home run last year and sucked hard. 

That could be true with someone you draft, too. But Quinn was a home run, and Griffen had success in a different defense after he left Dallas. Reed comes from a very similar system to what we are going to be running now. I think he's about as good a bet to upgrade our 2021 DT position that exists in any fashion.

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