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8 minutes ago, Nextyearfordaboyz said:

I don’t disagree with any of this. What I was pushing back on was the anger around potentially signing a good player.

Be upset about a lack of signing Johnson or Harris or Tomlinson, and I’ll agree. But “OMG we are looking at Neal! We are so stupid” is pointless melodrama.

Totally agree.

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12 minutes ago, WizardHawk said:

I’m going to assume Dallas will address CB in draft and won’t be interested, but they still should be imo.

Played 16 games each year for the last 6 years and is 29. That's enough for me.  Well forget that.  Lol

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9 minutes ago, Texas_OutLaw7 said:
20 minutes ago, Nextyearfordaboyz said:

Draft is definitely the way to go on cornerback.

I'd still look at Adore. Don't think that stops me from CB but doesnt force it early either. 

Believe so. I’d like to see Sherman signed up nonetheless.

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Made a similar list earlier but **** it. I think all the following still available players would or could step in as Dallas' top CB-


Casey Hayward*

Adoree Jackson*

Richard Sherman

Quinton Dunbar

Bashaud Breeland

(maybe) Brian Poole

(maybe) Malcolm Butler*

(maybe) AJ Bouye*

*would not affect comp pick formula



Here's a full list, not updated to the minute though as Rhodes and Hill are off the board.

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