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11 minutes ago, RaidersAreOne said:

How's the hang over boys!?

Very satisfying.  For me, it was watching NFL history that my team was a part of that may never happen again.

-First team to host a SB and then win

-Qb playing in his 10 th SB, winning his 7th

- Ending a 1st ballot HOF Qb career in NOLA

- Beating 3 1st ballot HOF Qbs to win the SB (pretty confident Mahomes will achieve)

Memories for a lifetime.

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14 minutes ago, SteelKing728 said:

Answer might be obvious but if you had the 02 bucs playing the 20 bucs, who wins?

I didn't get into football until 2004-2005 so I'm just curious what you guys think?

With the rules change im inclined to take this squad. 02 team was nasty and physical but im not sure if they can hold up with illegal contact rules and how the game is called with hits. Would be a close game to be honest. 20 bucs slight edge with Brady being the QB over Brad Johnson and of course the superior weapons.

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26 minutes ago, ravishingone said:

Maybe Leftwich is just as brilliant as McVay.  🤫

Leftwich is finally getting love from the outsiders. Completely went away from the deep ball yesterday. I did not see many deep shots maybe 3 at most. Tendency breaking, renovating the offense will make us unstoppable. 

Next year we will be even better. OJ Howard will be back in a contract year.

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