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FF Big Brother 9: Swoosh wins!!

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2 minutes ago, jasonwbantle said:

The last team Gerald McCoy was with was Dallas and not Carolina so I call bs.

that said we lost our wildcard as expected so at least there’s that 

whoever made the ROM made an oops 

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1 hour ago, Outpost31 said:

Lol.  What a wild ride.  Watched on fast forward and it wasn’t until I was up by 10 that I remembered I was supposed to lose.  Then there was a wild comeback and overtime and I lost.

Which means I won.


Honestly.... overtime..... my gawd 

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1 minute ago, Pickle Rick said:

I have started a petition to have @Malfatron / Julie redo this comp from the beginning, using offense first for the draft.  Line 1 is reserved for @swoosh signature 

Petition Ny4P GIF by New Yorkers for Parks

Petition Signatures:







I'll sign if I lose, ugh, win?

I would love to have Sam Darnold, but I'm quite liking the Carson Wentz and Jags D pairing. 

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Just now, jasonwbantle said:

The twins are with swoosh now?

I am in this scenario.  I wanted my 2nd overall offense not my next to last offense.  Julie through in a twist lol 

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well, i think its been long enough.

will work on getting div rd pmed and posted.

Spoilers on WC round onlyj



ason loses to josh

outpost loses to gopher

dwight loses to daboye

shady loses to pickle


Divisional matchups

shady at orca

outpost at ted

dwight at et80

jason at swoosh



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