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Commanders wide receiver Terry McLaurin thinks a big part of his job in 2024 is going to be helping a rookie quarterback adjust to the NFL.

“We’ll get one of the elite guys, so I’m just looking forward to whoever they bring in, helping bring them along. Going into my sixth year I know the lay of the land, and anything I can do to help them become acclimated and part of the team, I’m going to do that,” McLaurin said.

“My job when they get here is to help bring him along as well as I can, because we’ll go as far as the quarterback goes,” McLaurin said.


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2 hours ago, Slappy Mc said:

True leader. Really hope we do right by him with the QB and he can have a consistent QB for the rest of his career. 

How can you not love and root for this guy. Class person and player. My favorite player along with D-Pain. 

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On 5/28/2024 at 2:44 PM, Slappy Mc said:

I saw that. He looks very thin, even compared to how he looked last year. 

I think it's deceiving. We have no idea how big the guy is who's next to him.

I will continue to say that he has long distance runner legs though and that's my main concern with him. His legs are so, so skinny. 

Honestly, the guy is never going to be 190 to 200 pounds. We're just going to have to accept that this is how he's built and hope he stays healthy.

Right now, I have him as our 4th CB still, which is a major disappointment obviously considering he was the 16th pick last year and we took him over González who looks like he could be a #1 CB. Well at least Gonzalez has flashed the technique/skills to get there.

What an awful pick by Rivera/Mayhew/JDR but at least it was one reason why RIVERA & JDR are gone.

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On 5/28/2024 at 2:35 PM, RSkinGM said:

Forbes. Holy sn+t . he can't weigh 150 .. \ he's wearing the hat . 


It's deceiving. We have no idea who the guy is next to him or how big he is. Look at the other guys in the background. The guy Forbes is taking a picture with is a lot bigger than them.

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