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2021 Packer Forum Dynasty League


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2013 Champion: JBurge

2014 Champion: Kal-El

2015 Champion: Kal-El

2016 Champion: JBurge 

2017 Champion: Charisma

2018 Champion: JBurge 

2019 Champion: Cadmus

2020 Champion: Squire12

(At the moment) League Members for 2020 (Please let me know if you don't want to be in the league as soon as reasonably possible): 

@JBURGE@ChaRisMa @CombOver @Lieker @Bieker1 @PandaSquadAlpha @Dwade1001 @Cadmus @ajdodge09 @DannyB @squire12 @Packerraymond @KingOfTheNorth


If youre not on Sleeper now, go look we have a poll up on drafting, we'd like to get the league year rolling sooner than usual.


If youre out, let us know to replace you

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4 hours ago, chucknorris101 said:

In case its missed, the prevailing time at this point is drafting starting the weekend of the 10/11 - with deadline being July 4

Neat, I'll be in central WI on vacation with sketchy cell service from July 9th to 16th.


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