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2,000 Yards and a Cloud of Dust (2021 Edition)


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- It's a game to see which game player can rack up the most cumulative rushing yards over the entire season, making use of 18 different RB's and their weekly rushing performances.
- Every week of the 18 week NFL  season, game participants choose one running back from any team of their choice, with the hopes that RB has a big game and racks up rushing yards.
- You can only pick each individual RB once. You pick a new RB every week, prior to kickoff of that player's game. 
- I will tabulate and post rushing yards for each RB and player each week, following the last game of each week.
- 2000 yards over 18 weeks is the goal (a game average of 112 yards) but the game winner is the dude with the most yards.
- If you realize you accidentally picked the same RB twice in the season but not before you have time to change it, you will be given the lowest yardage from a starter (who you haven't previously picked) in that second week.

You must have your pick in before his game has started. If your RB is scratched from the lineup BEFORE the game, you are allowed to pick a new RB from the remaining games. If your RB gets hurt DURING the game, you DO NOT get to pick a new RB and DO NOT get the yardage his replacement runs for.

Please put the amount of rushing yards your RB had for that week when you post, I'd greatly appreciate it. I also wouldn't mind if you added up your total for the week as well! This is not mandatory but it greatly helps. Regardless, I verify what the totals were.

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1. @DisplacedViking- 865 Yards

2.@swede700 - 838 Yards

3. @ArcticNorseman - 799 Yards

4. @byuvike88 - 776 Yards

5. @vikesfan89 - 746 Yards

6. @SteelKing728- 698 Yards

7. @Robbroy45 - 679 Yards

8. @Boda - 157 Yards

9. @HitStickAllDay - 78 Yards

10. @viking - 61 yards

Edited by Robbroy45
Post-Week 10 Update
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