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Urban Meyer rumors thread


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6 minutes ago, Charles said:

Need something more concrete that this before I begin to panic.  Ever since Urban was hired some media people have been pushing this narrative, so that if he does quit they'd look smart.  It's just speculation by people who lack editors or journalistic standards.

Yeah that isn’t making me panic either. It’s troublesome for sure, but I would hope that they’re uncomfortable and getting pushed personally.

This teams been a ******* dumpster fire for 13 years. You go out in the preseason and look we did and follow it up with being completely disorganized and without urgency. That’s on the staff. These coaches better feel uncomfortable.

It’s one thing to lose, it’s a whole different thing to get run out of the stadium.

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1 minute ago, Chops013 said:

Definitely seems that at a minimum there is huge tension between Urban and Bevell. 

That seems to be what Dilla said too. Get the feeling this has more to do with the offensive staff since Urban always says how he’s in those meetings.

Wouldn’t be shocked if they just cut ties and let Schotty take over if it doesn’t turn around in the next week or two if it’s getting out like this.

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20 minutes ago, .Buzz said:

I also can’t tell if what Dilla and Wiggs are saying is he may actually be out sooner than later or this is just him having tensions with a coach/coaches.


I mean...you have to expect some tension after a bad loss.  I can't imagine anyone being chill about it.

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For all the talk prior to hiring Urban about him being concerned about his “legacy”….I honestly can’t think of a more damaging thing to his legacy than him bailing midway through his one season in the NFL. The guy has to already know the perception of his leaving UF and OSU. 

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