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Urban Meyer rumors thread


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21 minutes ago, .Buzz said:

I just don’t see how the team could have thought it was ok though. Leader of the team not flying back with the team after any game is not ideal to me, but a young team after that type of loss? Idk idk idk

On top of this:


We don’t really know the context of why it happened. If it was discussed before the game, and then after the game too, we’re never gonna know. But it would make it fine imo. The only reason that’s a big deal at all is because of the video. If the video didn’t come out, everyone would view it as “Urban Meyer spent the weekend with his grandkids” and it would be a complete non-story. 


And as for the tweet, gonna be honest and note that people are only focusing on how big of a joke the Jaguars are because Urban is here. This team has been as big or bigger of a joke for the majority of the last decade but everyone swept it under the rug. I mean we literally gutted the roster in 2020, followed that up with a 1-15 season, and we had to spend the offseason explaining to people that our roster was bad and that we actually had needs that everyone just told us didn’t exist. People literally tried telling us that our offense was good and just needed a QB, maybe one OL, and that spending on Marvin Jones and ETN was a waste of resources. They tried telling us that we didn’t need to add a bunch of baseline talent to the defense. Nobody actually gave a damn to se how bad this team is.

It’s just newsworthy to discuss now because Urban Meyer gets clicks. And now the national media gets to talk about all the issues we’ve had for the last decade all at once. It’s a Heyday for them. So all of this comes as a shock to fans across the league and gets packages with flashy headlines. But honestly, none of this is any worse than it’s been over the last decade; and none of this comes close to the level of ****ed up that the Coughlin saga was, and even that didn’t get much play. It’s just Big News™ because it’s Urban Meyer who is trying to turn around the most disfunctional team in the league.

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6 minutes ago, DuvalsKing said:

Shad is too empathetic to a fault… I’ve never seen a vehicle that’s been totaled out fully restored this should be interesting. 

It’s over if that locker room thread is legit. Maybe not now, but there’s a timer.

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It wouldn’t be football season without feeling like the entire Jacksonville Jaguars franchise is going to collapse under its own weight by week 5.

If you don’t love this, you don’t love Jaguars football. 

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