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We've signed Richard Sherman - 1yr $1.2M


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16 hours ago, ravishingone said:

Agreed, I don t know the IR rules.  Can SMB only be on short term IR only for so long until he has to be considered out for the yr?

The pass defense needs to catch the ball when chances are given.  I thought Stafford gave them 3 balls the Bucs should have gotten.  To not get any of them changes the entire game.  Also, Whitehead causes a fumble which they don t get.

The good part of an elite offense is the D just can t be putrid. I m confident this D can get out of the putrid category.  At times it will look ugly and be frustrating, no doubt.

I think he can come off anytime after the 3 weeks. 

The Bucs defensive stats will improve because of the teams they will face but I don't think things will be resolved on that side until the bye week. Injuries in the secondary are one thing but I also think there are a couple players on the defense who felt too good about themselves this offseason. They will get kicked in the butt by certain people until things change and things will change, it just will take time. This should not happen but isn't all that unusual for teams that played in the SB either.

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