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Week 17: Rams AT Ravens


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I know we are just continuing to state the obvious but Stafford need to stop turning the ball over. That first int was almost like he already knew where he was going to go and was going to go to Higbee no matter what and it was an easy pick 6. The second int Jefferson was wide open underneath but Stafford took the deep shot. I dont mind taking deep shots and I know there will be ints thrown as a result but he threw it into triple coverage. The Ravens are playing to take the deep shot away. At the end of the day with that int I could live with bc it was 3rd and forever so it really felt like a good punt. Now the Ravens went down the field and got a FG so the bad field position they had wasnt a factor but still. Stafford just has to be smart with the ball. This game should be 7-6 Rams at worst. At best 10-6 Rams had Gay not miss that FG on the opening drive. I thought that drive was killed by Whitworth holding penalty. 

With all that being said, the game is 13-7 Ravens and the Rams have the ball to start the 2nd half. I want to see them get some points at the very least. Id love to see them score a td and go up 14-13 at best. I think as bad as this first half was the Rams still should feel like the better team based on its not like the Ravens are dominating on the scoreboard. Again Stafford gave them two turnovers and Huntley is making plays on offense with his feet and with his arm. For the life of me I dont understand how the Rams are leaving Andrews wide open. He should literally be bracketed. Have Ramsey stick on Brown and bracket Andrews then contain Huntley. Keep him in the pocket and if he decides to run have someone waiting for him. Not easy said than done but the Rams have the pass rush, they have the coverage on the back end, they should be able to get it done. 

This 2nd half is going to go a long way to continue to show this team being resilient. It doesnt have to look pretty as long as the results are the same and thats getting the W. So I expect the Rams to play better in the 2nd half bc in general they are normally a great 2nd half team but I figured this game would be tough not just bc its on the road in the early slot but the Ravens are a well-coached team that shouldve beaten the Packers weeks ago had they converted the 2pc. Plus the Ravens got embarrassed by the Bengals last week so you knew they werent going to allow that to happen to them again.

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Just now, Flounch said:

We hardly won against a depleted Ravens team....what are you talking about ?

Dont. Don't start that $hit. You bashed this team the entire thread and then when we pull out a victory and Stafford leads us down the field late in the 4th you pull the "depleted" card. GTFO with your martyr $hit. This team is winning a super bowl. 

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