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Part 2 of Brownie Man's Controversial and Realistic Mock Offseason! Another Surprise Trade Up and Baker Trade**** with Poll!

brownie man

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Alright so we've secured Deshaun 

We've still got some glaring holes to fill, but not a ton

FA Signings:

1. Will Fuller to a 1 year contract - I had this in my original mock. I think we can get him for another 1 year deal I'm thinking at like 6 million. He just got 10 from Miami last year and missed basically the entire season. Good news is that it was for a broken thumb so that should have nothing to do with his speed. I think Jarvis is going to get over 10 million on the market so Fuller is my backup. 


Jadeveon Clowney 2 year 24 million dollar deal - Kept from original mock. He's been great with the team we don't need another hole. 


1st rounder Pick 13: Traded in Watson deal***

2nd rounder Pick 44 - WR Jahan Dotson Penn State - After watching all of the expected 2nd round receivers Dotson has jumped everyone to me as the best fit for us. He's a outside receiver with amazing hands that can consistently create separation. I heard a comparison of Dionate Johnson, but I think Dotson is more athletic. He's light at 178, but dude is a straight up baller and fantastic athlete. Now you you have 3 receivers in Amari, DPJ, and Dotson you can move around all over the formation with Fuller stretching the field.  


Browns trade both our third round picks 78 and 99 to the Washington Commanders for picks 47 and 189

2nd rounder Pick 47 - DT Perrion Winfrey Oklahoma - I wouldn't normally want to trade up with both of our third rounders, but for Winfrey we can make an exception. Dude is a beast that I believe is just scratching the surface of his talent. We'd bring him in as our 3tech of the future next to Togiai. Winfrey can push the pocket and I think would be a future star between Myles and Clowney. 

4th rounder Pick 108 - Also Traded in Watson deal***

4th rounder Pick 118-  Jeremy Ruckert TE Ohio State - We all know this guy. Probably the most talented buckeye TE in the last 10 years. Comes in an takes Hoopers spot, and brings us more athleticism at the position. 

5th rounder Pick 155 - Traded in Amari Cooper Deal****

6th rounder 189 - CB Derion Kendrick Georgia - Starter at both Clemson and Georgia. We bring him in as depth and develop him as our future nickel behind Troy Hill. Solid ball skills, has gone up against elite competition. Derion can come down and make tackles from the slot, and has proven he can make the interceptions when the opportunities present themselves. 


6th rounder 202 - DE Joshua Paschal Kentucky - Developmental pass rusher with size. I think he could actually be pretty good with some pro coaching. 


7th rounder 223 - LB Brandon Smith Penn State - Another Nittany Lion. Developmental middle linebacker with instant special teams potential. Great athlete and this is exactly what you want this late in the draft. We can groom him behind Walker and see what we have. 


7th rounder 246 - Kicker Cameron Dicker Texas - Once upon a time we had a really good kicker from the University of Texas. I think it's time to bring in another one. Put Dicker on the same team with a Chubb, and I think that'd be a solid way to finish an offseason. 


Offseason recap: We bring in weapons around Deshaun. Our offensive line is pretty much set I didn't feel a need to touch that in the draft. We add some depth at each level of the defense, and bring in two second rounders I think could have a JOK type impact for us in Dotson and Winfrey. I wouldn't usually want to trade up, but I think Winfrey has star potential especially where he only has to worry about playing 3 tech. We'll still need a punter, but we can find one eventually. I think this will be pretty close to what actually happens, and I think this offseason does a great job setting us up for a Superbowl in 2023 as well as building for the future beyond that. 

Baker Trade: I don't think we're going to be able to trade Baker during the draft. I think Andrew Berry is going to wait out the offseason until a team is desperate. I could see a number of different teams that would pounce on Baker if their QB were to go down. I'm going to say that a QB goes down sometime during training camp and the Browns get a 2023 3rd and 5th rounder for Baker. If we just paid Baker all year and let him go in the offseason once signed we'd probably get a 3rd round comp pick for him back so this allows us to secure that plus a little more to sweeten the deal. We'll have to be patient, but with trading our first rounders we need to make sure we make the most out of the most valuable trade asset we have. I think Baker can win a Superbowl somewhere which is why I think Andrew will be wiling to wait for the right situation. Theres no need to rush injuries are inevitable we've just got to wait it out. 


Soo.... how'd I do? 

We Need More Baker Mayfield GIF by Progressive

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Well done!

One major consideration is cap space as money talks.  Njodku and Ward extension need to be accomplished before we sign any free agents.  I prefer Landry over Fuller who is injury prone.Your draft is excellent and maybe a punter might be a consideration.d


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4 hours ago, Reginaldm9 said:

If the Commanders took that trade they'd deserve to never draft again. I also think Paschal and Smith are going like 3 or 4 rounds higher than you have them. 

Do you think that’s really that bad of a trade?

they need recoup picks from the Wentz trade. Picking up two thirds for a second and 6th seems reasonable to me, but I’ll be honest I didn’t look up the trade chart. 

and I just looked it up


189=14.2 together that’s 442.2

78= 200

99=104 that’s 304 

So I’m off by 142 which is significant. That’s another third round pick. Which would probably be equal to a future 2nd which I wouldn’t do. 

I’ll probably redo that trade up. And with Pashal and Smith I looked up multiple 7 rounds mocks that had them going that low. I can post them because I was definitely trying to be realistic. 

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3 minutes ago, brownie man said:

Do you think that’s really that bad of a trade?

they need recoup picks from the Wentz trade. Picking up two thirds for a second and 6th seems reasonable to me, but I’ll be honest I didn’t look up the trade chart. 

In a top heavy draft like this if you're trying to drop out of the middle of the second round you're probably going to want assets next year not this year. 

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  • 4 weeks later...
5 minutes ago, brownie man said:

Only got one pick right but after Dotson Winfrey was the guy I wanted most. I think he starts for us this year if he stays healthy 

I think he does as well. Partially because I think he is a good player but also, let’s be real, look at who he has to beat out …

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1 hour ago, NateDawg said:

I think he does as well. Partially because I think he is a good player but also, let’s be real, look at who he has to beat out …

Not much at all. But if he did claim the spot that’s a good sign. I think he’s gonna be a great player and person for us. I could be wrong but man my gut tells me he’s going to be a really good player for us. 

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