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GDT - 8 - We go to Jersey


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This week we're visiting the Jets. We are 3-4 and they are 5-2. Several games have been close for them where their defense saved their offense. Their offense has been lack luster from what I've been watching of the Jets. Zach has been struggling as he has 1 TD and 2 INT's in the 4 games he's started. In comparison our two QB's have 7 TDs and 9 INTs. Our last game at the Bears was wet and sloppy(felt like an outlier of a game). I don't expect it to be that way Sunday. The weather for the game is expected to be 62 and sunny.

We win if the offense gets going and our defense is better than last week. My prediction 24 NE to 10 NJ.

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This is my favourite week of the season - clocks go back in the UK ahead of in the US so this one is a 5pm start. I might even be able to watch the late games in full and catch the start of Sunday Night Football.


Hopefully a big bounce back game. I am most interested in how Ferentz and Cajuste play. 




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