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Week 10 Thread: 4-5 Commanders at 8-0 Eagles - "Oh No... We Play Monday Night"


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21 hours ago, RSkinGM said:

JDR says he's not up to speed and not ready to play. I don't think he'll be activated. 

Even if he’s activated, I don’t think he’ll play. He didn’t practice Friday bc they didn’t want him to practice on a harder surface. He is practicing today though.



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17 minutes ago, lavar703 said:

If we get run out of the building by the Eagles I just don't see how you could put Wentz back out there knowing the playoffs are pretty much out of reach? But then at the same time if Heinecke goes in and somehow manages to win how do you take him back out?

We both know Rivera won’t ever give up on making the playoffs until we are mathematically eliminated. We still play the Giants twice & we play the Cowboys again.

Unless Heinicke wins this game, I expect to see Wentz either vs Houston or vs Atlanta.

We very well could be 6-6 going into the game vs the Giants Dec. 4th.

Not what I want to see, you and I both would turn to Howell, but Rivera doesn’t think like us.

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