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Nacho Simulation Football League (Season 25 - Taco Bowl XXV Posted!)

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4 minutes ago, TheKillerNacho said:

It's just an formula based on bulk stats, weighted depending on the stat. The relevant weights here being:
pancakes (1.25 for FBs)
rushing yards (0.05)
rushing TDs (2.5)
interceptions (4.0)
tackles (0.25)
stuffs (0.55 in addition to the 0.25 for the tackle)
coverages (0.385)
sacks (2.75)
forced fumbles (3.0)

Jakob Johnson -> 0.35 (rushing yards) + 2.5 (rushing TD) + 5.0 (pancakes) = 7.85 value points
David Onyemata -> 1.5 (tackles) + 0.55 (stuff) + 2.75 (sack) = 4.8 value points
Carl Lawson -> 0.75 (tackles) + 2.75 (sack) + 3.0 (ff) = 6.5 value points
Tre'Davious White -> 1.25 (tackles) + 1.155 (coverages) + 4.0 (interception) = 6.405 value points


So, yeah - Jakob won because 4 pancakes is actually a sizable amount (although 7.85 is on the very low end for a game MVP, so it was moreso to do with just no one being all that impressive haha). Granted, some of the exact values are probably arguable and sometimes it does produce a weird result but it usually does a good job of picking out the standout player in a game alright (and over the course of a season, for that matter... the same formula is used to determine a team's offensive and defensive MVPs on the stats page)


Also while not relevant here, note that there's a couple stats that are tracked that aren't on a player's normal statline summary (notably, Gabriel Davis won MVP in the NZ/REY game over Pittman because he recovered one of his teammate's fumbles... I don't put fumble recoveries on offensive skill player's statlines though because I don't want to credit them for recovering their own fumbles)

Wow. Absolutely fantastic information. Makes sense, thanks.

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On 4/26/2023 at 7:13 PM, TheKillerNacho said:

I will process this trade for Week 11 (as it is too late for Week 10). Which "MLB on your PS" are you referring?

Rashaan Evans (ATL) or Baron Browning (DEN)?


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1 hour ago, TheKillerNacho said:

Monday morning, work is hell, behind a whole day on game postings, and only one game simmed so far

Oh dear

I'll definitely do my best to get them out today to avoid extending the season again lol

Not that this is a question you'd like to answer now, but is there any way that someone else could help with part of the process?

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1 hour ago, TL-TwoWinsAway said:

Not that this is a question you'd like to answer now, but is there any way that someone else could help with part of the process?

maybe, but it couldn't be anyone involved in the league, has enough time on their hands, and that I (and the league's owners) completely trust.

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I've got games halfway simmed so they're definitely going up today at some point this afternoon.

Since Week 12 is the trade deadline, I think I'm going to push it back to Thursday instead of Wednesday (as it isn't ideal to give people less than 24 hours to conclude trades involving players) while keeping the rest of the dates the same (making Week 13 the "short week").

As much as it would be unfortunate since we're already running a week behind schedule for the 2023 NSFL seasons (s23 wrapped up May 17 while this one isn't scheduled until May 24 currently), I may have to completely ignore Sundays from next season's 3-day cycles as my weekend schedule atm makes doing anything league-related extremely difficult...

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As playoff hopefuls make their final pushes to seal a spot, which teams will clutch out a win and which will set themselves back into a hole?

Rio de Janeiro Pirates @ Hanoi Viet Kongs: https://youtu.be/XY2b-4UtCWM
Burlington Sock Puppets @ Tokyo Samurai: https://youtu.be/fKn9BqCadmQ
Bowling Green Bighorns @ Hamilton Hornets: https://youtu.be/jAIifpzvPwo
Freiburg Venom @ Wattsville Waste Walruses: https://youtu.be/C009BObQTCs
Reykjavík Direwolves @ Little Rock Uni Royals: https://youtu.be/PI1qhwoJfP8
Greenland Polar Bears @ Richmond Flying Squirrels: https://youtu.be/GHMxoeaE-m0
Anchorage Amphibians @ Lancaster Fighting Amish: https://youtu.be/D-Ilstxwxqw
Egypt Starfalls @ Lake Minnewanka Ice Orcas: https://youtu.be/0d0GVDjHNqg
Scranton Papermakers @ Phoenix Rubber Ducks: https://youtu.be/xx06QycULtc
Indianapolis Predators @ New Zealand Blobfish: https://youtu.be/jnAnHGSilbI

GameDocs: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1k0sfp7-uXIwV1uBc0VN_NM_Sr9gYH2p-?usp=sharing
Updated statistics: https://thekillernacho.blogspot.com/2023/03/nsfl-season-25-detailed-statistics.html

As this week was a day late and the trade deadline is set for next week, I'm pushing the next week games (Week 12) to Thursday. This means that the deadline for all trades involving players will be Wednesday, the 3rd at noon ET.

Also I realized I completely forgot about international games this season, but it's too late now. Sorry.

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Just now, El Ramster said:

@TheKillerNacho im up why would I go for it up 3 on their 40 and run it on 4th and 6??


hello what was that?????

That has to be a glitch there is nothing that would suggest I’ll go for it. Hello…. ???? Ive never seen bs like that in my life. 

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