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Titans release C Ben Jones


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do you guys realize that most of the guys we cut gave us basically no value the past year or two due to injury, poor play, or both? this isn't a fire sale, this is offloading all the deadweight contracts jon robinson saddled us with. everyone cut up to this point has had basically no impact on the actual team other than freeing up cap space.

with that said, ben jones is the only one so far who is somewhat of an exception to that list. he's a good player, but honestly imo he needs to retire. he was gutting it out last year, was concussed twice, clearly nowhere near 100%. he's the first cut for whom there was an argument to keep him, but i understand moving on as well. i hope he gets his body right, dude is a tough mf and i will always appreciate his time here.

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19 minutes ago, CWood21 said:

To be fair, I labeled them as a darkhorse.  Not as a legit contender.

Yeah, that 1-7 finish down the stretch was sort of the nail in the coffin here. They’re not quite at rebuild mode, but they’re prepared to tear it all down very soon…

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