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🔥 Pick #100 is in: Tre Tucker, WR, Cincinnati


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Tucker’s slight frame and short arms work against him, but his speed and quickness give him the ability to uncover on all three levels. He’s going to struggle to make contested catches, whether it’s a defender or the ground doing the contesting. While he can stretch the field, he might be most effective as a possession target underneath and gadget option capable of making plays with the ball in his hands. His specific attributes create a higher ceiling but lower floor as a pro.
  • Sudden feet elude press off the release.
  • Speeds by tight man with early acceleration.
  • Sets up stop routes and comebacks with hard early drive.
  • Plays with desired level of competitiveness.
  • Short-area shake helps loosen the coverage.
  • Talented option for receiver screens and quick game.
  • Returned two kicks for touchdowns during collegiate career.
  • Frame and catch radius are small.
  • Knocked out of rhythm by route redirection.
  • Overwhelmed by size in contested catches.
  • Has trouble finishing catches.
  • Height/length limits downfield success.
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Guessing Renfrow is gonna be a goner sooner rather than later? 

Sucks since I would've rather used him to move up this year. Regardless of the pick at this point, of one is used this year, it'll be an underwhelming return. 

Bright side: probably means Abdullah is gone too with the number of RBs we have and Turner's return ability. 

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