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GDT Week 4: Commies(2-1) @ Eagles(3-0) - Time for some NFCE football


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On to week 4 and our fist divisional matchup of the year vs the new ownership Commanders. We FINALLY get an Eagles early game on Sunday which is awesome even though we only have like two more going forward the rest of the year. The Eagles seem to be hitting their stride more every week after dominating the Bucs on the road Monday night. The story of the year so far is of course our OL and DL just absolutely abusing everyone they have come across and I don't see that trend stopping in this game. Our DL has been feasting week in and week out and Washington's OL is simply put not very good. I'd expect Howell to be under constant pressure this week which spells trouble for Washington after watching their performance vs the Bills. 

Talent wise the Commanders DL is clearly the best unit our OL will have faced to this point, but I still see this matchup going in our favor this week. Our OL is on fire both in the passing game and the run game and I don't think the Commanders have the talent to slow it down. Hopefully we see another heavy dosage of Swift this week as he has been incredible the past two weeks.

Hurts needs to keep improving and our Brian Johnson does as well. Our passing game simply isn't as efficient as it was last season right now and I do think the new OC has a lot to do with that. Hopefully we continue to seen signs of growth this week as I do think it is has been improving week to week.

No injury report yet, but we should have news on that front tomorrow. Hopefully Landon is ok and ready to go this week.

Excited for some NFCE football! How do we see this one going fellas?

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I watched the condensed film of Buffalo-Wash the other day and that was not nearly as lopsided as I expected it to be given the 37-3 score. Despite several turnovers, they had the ball only down 2 scores at the start of the 4th. D played pretty solid all things considered, Josh Allen was just doing Josh Allen things.


34 point loss was a result of pass pro getting worked all game and Howell’s brain breaking as a result… good news is that I like our odds to be able to pressure him too, but this probably will be similar caliber D to New England. If they can’t slow the run, this is probably a rout. If they can, and Howell is not a TO machine, it’ll be a game. Goes without saying if we can’t get consistent pressure we’re in for a long day, but that applies pretty much every week.


I think we’ve made progress each week offensively (besides RZ playcalling…), excited to see if an old fashioned revenge game at home is what we need to finally put it all together on O.

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