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Black Friday Game Thread


Will this first debut event be closer to?  

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  1. 1. Will this first debut event bear a resemblance to?

    • Black Sunday?
    • Thanksgiving Day?

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6 minutes ago, jetsfan4life51 said:

No reason why we can’t jump into the 2nd for a QB after signing a WR and drafting a LT. 

2nd round prospect sitting for a year or two is better than thrusting a late 1st round pick rookie into the lineup after Rodgers retires. 

I want Bo Nix so badly and hope we can move up or he falls to 3rd round.

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To bring all things into perspective, we absolutely need a stud OT and round 1 is where you get him. I don't think the Jets have much of a choice the need is so obvious. 

But should the Jets find themselves say in the top 7 picks of the draft or higher, they could still get a top OT pick up a few more draft picks this year and next by moving down a few rungs on the ladder. 

Still get the OT they want and shore up the rest of the draft. 

We are not in an enviable position except to play so badly (the pieces are in place) that we can move up in the draft via our tanking and come away with quality players. 

There are a few more options, the Jets are stacked at DE, package one for a future draft pick or quality OL, as much as I like Bryce Huff he is one dimensional and he is a valuable commodity and the Jets could get a high pick for him. 

There are options, and were stacked at the position.

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5 hours ago, Big T said:

, as much as I like Bryce Huff he is one dimensional and he is a valuable commodity and the Jets could get a high pick for him

Maybe, but his one dimension is pretty damn good. But I get your point. If we could get a FRP for him, that would allow us to get that top OT, WR and maybe QB. As much as I love Bryce, if he could be flipped for any of the above, I’m all for it.

The big problem is that he is a FA next year. 

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41 minutes ago, GangGreen420 said:

Lazard a healthy scratch. Like that the coaches are showing a sack, but this dude was an awful signing. And apparently they wanted him regardless of Rodgers.

Came here to post this. Guy is a drop king that also committed bad penalties. Hopefully blownlee can get some real snaps and looks.


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On 11/20/2023 at 6:32 PM, Big T said:

Black Friday may mean more than just the Jets playing the high octane Dolphins. It could be Black Friday for the entire staff. If Boyles plays like he has all his career, you can expect a massacre, and if he goes down with an injury because of this sieve of an offensive line, it will only prove that it is misleading to blame the QB all the time.

Here's a guy with 3-5 TD's for his career, and some believe he shouldn't even be playing in the NFL. To go along with those TD's he has 11 INT's. HELLO!!!!

Enter Trevor Sieman, oh joy, a practice squad body to save the day and the Jets season. Lets be real here shall we, when the Jets sad Zach, they said in effect "our season is over". They said in effect "Zach's time here as a Jet is over". 

We won't get into the WR room, RB room, our OL personal and the games missed by Becton and AVT. 

This current Jets team (if Rodgers still wants to play for them) doesn't have a future QB on its roster, as bad as the Jets need OT, G, they may need a future QB prospect more.

There are about 5-6 with potential 1st round grades, the Jets would be negligent if they did not try to get one. Yes Rodgers needs protection, we saw that 1 minute into his glorious Jets career. 

Black Friday may have come for the entire staff on this team the HC, OC, QBC, all of them will not be missed. Saleh for all the hoopla, and rah, rah, and players loving him is not the answer for the Jets.

JD is holding on to his Job because of the talent he's amassed but lets get something clear, he's had his blunders too, including not having a viable qb option on this team, along with not having better OL to turn to in the event of injuries.

Lets all hope the Defense can give us a chance against Miami, who must be licking their chops to play against us.

Moving forward we need to build the structure of the team first and insert the QB at the end, otherwise we're repeating the same cycle of insanity.

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