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Super Bowl: San Francisco 49ers vs Kansas City Chiefs

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We meet again! 2019 had a bitter bitter ending and we have a chance to get some revenge… or be the Buffalo Bills to the Dallas Cowboys of the 90s.

We will have PLENTY of time to talk about this game but I think we end up being a little better in the RZ and that ends up being the difference.


Purdy SB MVP

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36 minutes ago, Dub_City30 said:

29-25 49ers I believe this comeback will fuel this team up and I trust Brock Purdy

lmao is this three TD and three FG with a missed XP?


I hope we lean heavily on the run. Pull out all the stops here Kyle. Give CMC the ball, Juice the ball, Deebo, whoever. Just run it down their throats and keep Mahomes on the sideline as much as possible.

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I’m 10-4 since predicting Super Bowl’s on record. Never been wrong back to back, but also 0-2 in Niner Super Bowls. 

2010: Packers over Steelers - W

2011: Giants over Patriots - W

2012: 49ers over Ravens - L

2013: Seahawks over Broncos - W

2014: Patriots over Seahawks - W

2015: Broncos over Panthers - W

2016: Falcons over Patriots - L

2017: Eagles over Patriots - W

2018: Patriots over Rams - W

2019: 49ers over Chiefs - L 

2020: Buccaneers over Chiefs - W

2021: Bengals over Rams - L

2022: Chiefs over Eagles - W

I’m taking Niners 28-26, they cover by half a point. 

MVP is Brandon Aiyuk. 

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Ravens defense shut out the Chiefs offense in the 2nd half and they still lost.

It's just not fair that Patrick Mahomes and that massive contract still has that quality of a defense behind him.

i don't know how that's even possible.

the fact that Spags doesn't get a sniff as a HC candidate is the 8th wonder of the world 

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3 hours ago, Herodreamer79 said:

i hope so but im concerned. haven't play well since before christmas

and the chiefs def just made the league mvp look like a high school QB

Like I said in the NFCCG thread, I have ZERO confidence in this defense to show up and perform.

The front four outside of Bosa is vastly overated. They've been INVISIBLE against good-great O-Lines.

We can't stop the run and can't tackle in open space.

Hell, we can't tackle period most instances.

Pacheco is going to have a field day becasue we seem to have forgotten how to fit simple run concepts.

I can't shake the feeling that Reid will scheme circles around Wilks.  

We have NO answer for Kelce. He'll definitely have at least 120. 

But that's fine if we can contain the rest of the receiving core.

The Chiefs defense has given up the least explosive plays in the entire league.

Brock HAS to take what's there and not force throws like he has the last few weeks.

CMC has to have big game so we can set-up the play action.

They need to double Chris Jones at ALL times. He can single-handlely wreck our offensive game plan. He's that good. 

I'm grateful it isn't the Ravens becasue I would give us no chance.

At this point, I'm praying Mahomes has an off day and we can maybe get a couple of turnovers.

But this team has looked like a shell of itself for two consecutive games now.

I just don't have much confidence in this group right now.

Talent wise, we should be performing MUCH better than these two playoff wins have indicated.

IDK....having a hard time being as excited as I should.

My fandom can't take three ugly SB losses in a row....

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6 hours ago, Forge said:

Going to need to get a hell of a lot more pressures against Mahomes than this. 

I believe the Lions & Packers are known for their good OL's, yes? 

We should be better yes even against the good OL's. They've been invisible too much this postseason. Feels like we haven't really been creative in terms of stunts or anything either

Not sure how good the Chiefs OL is 

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