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2022 NFC North Fantasy Football League Discussion (2022 Keeper Deadline August 4th at 8pm CENTRAL)


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Welcome to the 2018 NFC North Fantasy Football League. 

Congrats to @Vikes_Bolts1228 for the 2020 League Title!!! 
2013...Team Pool at 7-6 
2014...Team CobbsNRodgers at 7-6 
2015...Team Skittles at 8-5 
2016...Team Squire12 at 11-2
2017... Cleveland Steamers at 9-4
2018 ...3 QB's walk into a BARR at 7-6
2019... Russel Wilson's Miracle Water at 11-2
2020 .... Pitter Patter at 10-3
2021 ... Pitter Patter at 7-7

Here is the previous tread from the leagues inception in 2013 through last seaason. 

Here is the 2016 discussion thread 
2016 draft thread 

2017 discussion thread


2017 Draft thread


Old Forum 2017 discussion thread


Keeper deadline will be sometime in Early/Mid August.  We can decide on a specific date once we get everyone confirmed they are returning.

Set them on ESPN


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@DannyB @Pool  @persiandud  @VikeManDan  @Bigbear72  @The Gnat  @X_Factor_40  @davisblack  @Nzd07


Check in 


Draft order (without trades)

1.  The Gnat

2.  X_Factor 40

3.  BigBear

4. VikeManDan

5. Pool

6.  DavisBlack

7.  persiandud

8.  squire12

9.  NZD07

10.  Cleveland Steamers (DannyB)

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Couple of trades that will affect the 2018 draft order


  VikeManDan Receives 2017 pick 1.1 + 2017 4.1 + 2018 3rd
  Gnat receives 2017 pick 18 + 2017 3.2 + 2018 1st
7/26/2017 Team skittles receives Antonio Brown + Doug Martin
  persiandud receives Tyreek Hill + 2017 1st + 2018 1st + 2019 1st
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i'm in

here are the assets i have available for trade. looking to package some of them for the best player in a deal or move up in the draft



Jags defense

eagles defense

marshawn lynch

tevin coleman

jamaal williams

corey coleman

corey davis

alshon jeffrey

isaiah crowell


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Anyone have specific thoughts on when to draft?  Last year we started the draft on August 21st, keepers were on August 15th.  

That seemed to work out well enough and leave enough time for the draft to be completed.  

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