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Mychal Kendricks comp.....Gordon Gekko?


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Just when we think we're going to emerge from the largess that the history of the Cleveland Browns, one that we didn't see coming reaches up to slap us in the face.

Whoever had "Mychal Kendricks - Insider Trading" in the 

Image result for next shoe to drop

lottery just made an absolute fortune.  (I wonder if YOU had some inside knowledge.)  



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1 hour ago, brownie man said:

Gotta guess if this is just coming out he can push it away through the courts for a year. Finish the season and then deal with it 

Idk, they Might want to make an example out of him and looks like they have plenty on him. 


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14 minutes ago, Bucketheadsdad said:

....which is why I thought it was a good idea for it to have its very own thread.  :)  This could very well become our "Junior" O.T.  thread.

O for sure. First time this has happened to a current player in league history? Gotta be its own thread lol

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