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Some of y'all kept posting in the week 1 thread instead of making a new one. I guess I'll just try to remember to make this each week.

Joe Flacco reminding everyone tonight that he's Joe Flacco.

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Just now, EaglesPeteC said:

I'm not sure that math works out haha

One more post just to make the new thread. That or I'm just trying to save face because Jroc is kinda correct. I sort of like to have those things separated but I'll leave the call to @Phire tbh on whether we should do a weekly thread or repurpose the existing one when necessary.

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8 minutes ago, ninjapirate said:

khalil mack was 3 and outed the seahawks himself why did the raiders trade him again?

Seriously, QB, Protecting the QB and getting to the QB are the three most valuable things. You have one of the two bests at one of them you don't move them

If we had the money I would've totally done that trade...can you imagine him and Cox coming at you every play?

8 minutes ago, Blaaaaaah said:

Remember when Lane Johnson dumped on Mack for 4 quarters last year?

goes to show how dominate Lane is really, best tackle in the league.

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